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Be Confident in Your Managing, Detecting, and Responding Measures

The need for a comprehensive security strategy has never been greater. Protecting your cloud environment and reducing risk is a priority in the modern digital world. An AWS Security Assessment with nClouds security solutions enables you to address critical issues, including compliance, collaboration, security architecture, and disaster recovery planning.

Ransomware attacks are rising, and network security flaws and other vulnerabilities create severe business risks.

The cost of a data breach is now $4.24 million—the highest average total so far.

Establishing a Secured AWS Cloud

Our AWS security solutions seek to understand your environment and identify where current risks lie. This allows you to take informed action to reduce risk and improve security, protecting your business and organization from hackers, cyber incidents, data theft, physical threats, and complacency.

Risk Mitigation

Information-centric approach to safeguard your cloud environment

  • Data-access governance implementation
  • Data discovery and classification
  • Establish data remediation workflows
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Constant user monitoring

Compliance Assessment and Review

Expert gap assessment to prevent compliance risk exposure

  • Governance
  • Change management
  • Continual monitoring
  • Vulnerability management
  • Reporting

Enabled Auditing Tools

Information-centric approach to safeguard your cloud environment

  • 24/7/365 security monitoring
  • An accurate view of actual cloud environment risks
  • Manage, analyze, and report the results
  • Automatically alerted when a risk arises
  • Immediately remediate issues

Configured for Federal Medical Privacy Laws

Expert gap assessment to prevent compliance risk exposure.

  • Educating healthcare staff
  • Restricting access to data and applications
  • Implementing data-usage controls
  • Logging and monitoring use
  • Encrypting data

AWS Security Assessment

Our AWS Security Assessment will identify vulnerabilities. We’ll also guide you on ways to mitigate them and educate you on the most effective strategies to defend your AWS workloads. We protect your cloud environment and help you improve your strategy for a more secure tomorrow.

How It’s Done

Evaluation and Analysis

We scan and analyze your cloud environment using the latest tools in partnership with Alert Logic. We will examine the findings to determine your actual security state.

CIS Benchmarking

We offer a deep-dive analysis of your AWS environment to help your business understand and improve security. This information gives us insight into your enterprise’s maturity level, helping you to implement the most effective actions for your AWS environment and plan your strategy at scale.

Compliance Landscape Analysis

HIPAA, CMMC, FedRamp, GDPR, ISO, and SOC. Our AWS Security Assessment includes this step to build a complete picture of your requirements. Thorough benchmarking enables us to identify gaps and understand their potential impacts. Combined with an evaluation of the compliance frameworks and internal security policies that apply to your business, we can create a complete picture of your ideal security state.

Developing a Roadmap

By partnering with the experts at Trend Micro and Alert Logic, we can help you understand the most effective strategies to defend your AWS workloads and protect your cloud environment with clear, actionable steps.

AWS GovCloud Assessment

An AWS GovCloud Assessment from nClouds will help you understand your compliance requirements, identify resource or knowledge gaps, develop mitigation strategies, and analyze how GovCloud’s boundaries impact your app architecture actionable steps to ensure compliance and reduce risks.

Working with an experienced partner like nClouds to assess your readiness and evaluate your compliance posture helps reduce the risk for your board, your shareholders, your customers, and your business.

Migrate Your Application Workloads and Storage

As threats mutate and attack vectors shift, AWS WAF’s adaptive nature empowers your security strategy to stay one step ahead. Discover how AWS WAF revolutionizes web security with its versatile features:

The Discovery Call

Our GovCloud Security Assessment begins with a discovery session to learn more about your organization, technology stack, and development practices. Because many businesses operate under one or more compliance frameworks—including FedRAMP, HIPAA, CMMC, SOC, and others—our team will evaluate your current compliance posture and security practice management strategy.

Identifying the Gaps and Potential Vulnerabilities

Our experts will gather information about your overall objectives and the personnel resources to support them from both the business and technology perspectives. Your goals will heavily influence your GovCloud deployment strategy. We will also explore staffing, technology, operational, and financial gaps. Gaps typically represent the most significant hurdles—and the biggest risks—when deploying in GovCloud.

The Assessment Findings

Our AWS GovCloud experts will analyze the assessment findings and develop recommendations and other guidance. We’ll help you understand where risks exist, which mitigation actions are likely to be most effective, and how your compliance posture measures up to AWS GovCloud requirements. We’ll also help you develop a roadmap that aligns with your GovCloud deployment strategy.

Jumpstart Your AWS Security Strategy with nClouds

Improve security and compliance posture, stay within budget, avoid potential costs due to inadequate security measures, and develop immediate and actionable remediation steps to improve the security of your cloud computing deployment.

AWS Security Assessment

  • Assessment results and findings that clearly define your current security state
  • Identification of existing gaps and potential vulnerabilities
  • Review your security posture against compliance frameworks
  • Experienced guidance on elevating security in AWS environments
  • Scale your AWS workloads while maintaining a strong security posture
  • Preserve your internal resources to focus on your core business

AWS GovCloud Assessment

  • Ensure you’re FedRAMP-ready
  • Mitigate risks through the most effective actions
  • Develop a GovCloud strategy to meet your strategic objectives
  • Define your compliance requirements through the assessment results and findings
  • Identify gaps and potential vulnerabilities
  • Receive experienced and tailored guidance on AWS GovCloud deployments

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