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nClouds AWS Case Study | 6Connex

nClouds helps provider of virtual locations achieve reliability, quality of service, and scalability with AWS infrastructure.
About 6Connex

6Connex sought a best-practices infrastructure on AWS to establish a modern, well-architected infrastructure and required expert assistance to implement and maintain it.

It planned to leverage AWS’s reliability and security features and nClouds’ DevOps and MSP services to optimize its AWS hosting. This approach was designed to navigate resource constraints and ensure a well-managed, cost-effective cloud solution. 

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The Challenge
Building reliable, scalable infrastructure in the cloud to meet QoS requirements.
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Building reliable, scalable infrastructure in the cloud to meet QoS requirements

6Connex started looking for a solution that would enable them to redesign their infrastructure for better performance. Given the nature of their business, zero downtime of production environments was a central requirement, as their key promise to clients was reliability and quality of service related to virtual events. Their new infrastructure also needed to have the ability to scale up and down, as required, to maximize profitability.

“I cannot say enough about the nClouds team. Their work and efforts are tremendous and they take great care of our environment. In nClouds, we found the next level of innovation, experience, and ability to adopt new technologies.”

– Marc Goodell –
VP Environments & Infrastructure, 6Connex



nClouds Solution Architecture for 6Connex

The new design provides continuous integration capabilities and gives developers the ability to deploy easily without concerns for infrastructure stability or services availability — with the added benefit to scale up and down on demand to reduce costs. The solution helps 6Connex deliver increased uptime and stability of their application with a self-healing infrastructure and provides the ability to recover from any outages quickly and efficiently.

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