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Why nClouds

Microsoft Workloads on AWS

For well over a decade, customers have relied on the remarkable combination of Microsoft Windows’ exceptional operating system and the added advantages and cost-saving capabilities of AWS.

Some of the top reasons for running Microsoft workloads on AWS include the following:

  • Modernizing to drive agility and scalability
  • Reducing costs of operations
  • Enhancing security

Benefits of Microsoft Workloads on AWS

  1. 2X higher performance for an SQL Server workload than the next-largest cloud provider
  2. 2X more regions with multiple availability zones than the next-largest cloud provider
  3. 5X more services offering encryption than the next-largest cloud provider
  4. 36% savings using AWS over three years by rightsizing instances with Migration Evaluator

What We Can Do for You

Migrate Microsoft Workloads to AWS

As a leading AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and Migration Acceleration Partner (MAP), nClouds’ team is experienced in migrating all types of Microsoft Workloads to AWS, like Windows Server and SQL Server, while testing for application performance and security.

Optimize Your Microsoft Workloads After You Migrate

After moving your Windows workloads to AWS, nClouds can help you optimize your costs, usage, and licenses to suit your business needs. Using services like Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server, web-scale cloud computing is a reality.

How nClouds Helped Clients Maximize Success with Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Windows Containers

nClouds used Windows Containers to help a medical device company achieve greater flexibility, availability, scalability, and security in its application infrastructure, enabling it to better meet the needs of its customers and business requirements. This tool allowed the company to package its Windows-based applications and dependencies into containers that can be deployed on AWS. By migrating to containers, it was able to modernize its web portal.

Amazon RDS for SQL Server

A management consulting firm previously leveraged Microsoft SQL Server to store all data in the backend. nClouds helped this company with its migration project by separating everything into one account each and implementing multiple environments. For its relational database, the firm chose Amazon RDS for SQL Server, which provided low maintenance costs and enabled multiregion and multiaccount backups. This allowed for enhanced security and disaster-recovery capabilities for the firm.

Why nClouds?

As a leading AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, nClouds has extensive expertise in DevOps migrations and modern cloud operations on AWS. Since 2018, nClouds has maintained its status as an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, demonstrating its commitment to excellence.

The company partners with customers to build and manage modern infrastructure solutions on the cloud that enable organizations to innovate faster. nClouds provides services in the areas of modern cloud operations, DevOps, cloud migration, managed services, site reliability engineering (SRE), data and analytics, 24/7 support, and staff augmentation.

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