Come join a diverse, collaborative, and highly skilled team of professionals that is passionate about leveraging DevOps and AWS to help clients deliver innovation faster.

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What We Stand For


We are a diverse team of skilled and experienced professionals collaborating to solve client challenges. But we aspire to be much more than that, based on the nClouds Values.

The nClouds values are a shared set of ethos that defines nClouds: our mission, our attitude towards clients, and what it means to be a member of the team:

Our Mission

nClouds’ mission is to become the #1 most important AWS services partner by building individuals, families, and communities by building a team that delivers innovation to our customers.

Live & Work Sustainably

Give & Gain Perspective

Always Be Learning

Aim High, Think Big

Employees Are the Foundation

nClouds is committed to building an outstanding team. That means identifying, hiring, retaining, nurturing, and rewarding great talent that contributes to our mission and the success of our clients.

“We intend to fulfill the potential of nClouds. This means playing to win by investing in our team, who will, in turn, invest their talents and skills in the success of our customers.”
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CEO, nClouds

Why Work at nClouds?

What’s it like to work at nClouds? While our workforce is distributed throughout more than 16 countries, we know it’s essential for each person to feel connected with the team—our nClouds “family.” The nClouds Values bond us, and we live those values every day.

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Opportunities for Growth

nClouds offers you unlimited opportunities to develop and advance your career with excellent training programs, certifications, technical mentoring, online courses, and weekly technical demos.

A Diverse Collaborative Team

Our team hails from more than 16 countries with diverse backgrounds and cultures. Our diversity is our strength and an immense source of pride. We believe that having diverse talent collaborate in an inclusive environment helps us to be a better, stronger company.

Work from Anywhere

At nClouds, we are proud to adopt a fully remote work system in which all team members have the discretion to work anywhere. With our remote model, you will be able to have a true work-life balance and enjoy more time with your family and friends.

Why We’re Here

Partners Based on Shared Goals

Partnerships Based on Shared Goals

We collaborate closely with our teammates, share learning with each other, and are united in solving our clients’ challenges.

Challange th Status Quo

Challenge the Status Quo

We celebrate diversity. We believe that everyone’s opinion matters and encourage all team members to speak up. Our work environment is free of many constraints, including the flexibility to work from home, unlimited vacation time, and flexible work hours.
Innovation Culture

Innovation Culture that Delivers Client Value

Members of our team are problem-solvers by nature. We value each member’s contribution to creating new technology or applying existing technology in new ways.

Here are some quotes from our employees when we asked them, “What excites you most about coming to work at nClouds each day?”

Where We Are

We come from more than 16 countries:

Where We Are

Life at nClouds

We like to celebrate and gather together to learn new things and have fun! Each Friday, we all meet up to spread knowledge about DevOps and cloud tools and coding, get to know each other, and recognize the funniest dad jokes. We participate in initiatives to encourage diversity, well-being, and a clean environment. There are weekly mindfulness sessions and yoga classes available. And we take every opportunity to recognize and reward our teammates for their accomplishments.

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Private Healthcare Benefits

We take the health of our employees seriously. That’s why every one of our employees gets access to comprehensive private medical insurance.

401(k) Retirement Plan

We sponsor a 401(k) retirement plan that enables you to save and invest for your retirement.

An Employer to Be Proud Of

nClouds is an award-winning AWS Premier Consulting Partner with a long list of AWS competencies, programs, and certifications. We are among the top AWS and DevOps consulting firms in the world. What’s more, we deliver outstanding value and service to our customers. Read what they have to say here.

How We Hire

We hire people who are really good at what they do and, just as important, are a good match for us. You’re a life-long learner, you get startup culture, and you’re passionate about helping clients innovate faster.


We review your application to assess your suitability for the position.

Prescreen Interview

You meet with a member of our HR team for an initial assessment to get to know you better.

Technical Interview

You have a technical interview with the hiring manager to assess your technical experience and skills.

Final Interview

You have a decisive final interview with a highly efficient member of the management team.

Reference Check

We conduct a thorough reference check before making a final decision.

Job Offer

If you successfully pass the previous selection steps, we make an offer to join our team.