Amazon EKS Anywhere
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Run Amazon EKS Anywhere on your on-premises infrastructure.

Amazon EKS Anywhere

Amazon EKS Anywhere enables you to create and operate on-premises Kubernetes clusters with automated tooling for cluster lifecycle support. It uses the same Kubernetes distribution that powers Amazon EKS on AWS and provides default component configurations and tools for automating cluster management.

“We selected nClouds because of their innovative culture and technical expertise in AWS. We partnered with them to build a containerized cloud infrastructure so that Augmedix could focus on new feature development.”

Sabbir Hossain
International Operations Manager, Head of Software Development, Augmedix

“There is a day and night difference between nClouds’ AWS and DevOps expertise and that of our previous service provider. We were so impressed with nClouds’ work to help us migrate Woflow from Heroku to Amazon ECS that we asked them to provide ongoing Managed DevOps Services to improve and maintain our application suite.”

Andrew Harasta
Senior Software Engineer, Woflow

“I cannot say enough about the nClouds team. Their work and efforts are tremendous and they take great care of our environment. In nClouds, we found the next level of innovation, experience, and ability to adopt new technologies.”

Marc Goodell
VP, Environments & Infrastructure, 6Connex

“As a result of our collaboration with nClouds, we can offer our customers new insights and services. And, we can deliver analytics results faster and at a lower cost. All of this is important to CyberCube’s continued growth.”

Ajay Garg
Head of Engineering, CyberCube

“With nClouds’ expert DevOps and migration help, we’ve streamlined our infrastructure. Our engineers can now spend more time innovating to support our growing business and less time managing DevOps-related tasks.”

Anis Tayebali
CTO, Violet Grey

“Working with nClouds to migrate our infrastructure from Heroku to AWS we’ve achieved improved uptime, faster performance, and a more secure environment. And the increased control provided by our new environment is enabling us to innovate faster.”

Donovan Bray
Director of DevOps and IT, LendingHome

“I could not be happier with nClouds. They worked hard to build a solid infrastructure on AWS that’s working as planned — we couldn’t have accomplished this without them.”

Greg Shaurette
SVP Information Technology, Efabless

“We worked with the nClouds team to migrate our data management solution to the cloud. What’s more important is the tremendous collaboration nClouds facilitated between our ops and engineering teams. They supported the migration to AWS, covered security, disaster recovery, and during roll-out, 24×7 support with 10-minute SLA.”

Anirudh Patel
Senior Manager R&D, Informatica

“nClouds’ work to integrate CI/CD within our deployment pipeline is enabling our fast-growth company to accelerate the delivery of new features. Their expertise in containerization and migrating Heroku to AWS has enhanced our ability to scale to support increased demand as Nylas expands its global reach.”

Michael Pfister
Head of Product, Nylas

“nClouds is very responsive to our needs and is a valuable extension of our team. I appreciate their clear communication of tasks and timing for their ongoing DevOps support of XCLAIM’s infrastructure on AWS.”

Stuart Posin
Cofounder & CTO, XCLAIM

Amazon EKS Anywhere Use Cases

We are leaders who specialize in the following areas:

  • Beginning your move to managed Kubernetes by running Amazon EKS clusters on your on-premises infrastructure
  • Securing your applications in a disconnected environment and maintaining data sovereignty of large data sets to meet regulatory requirements
  • Modernizing on-premises applications without having to focus on Kubernetes upstream maintenance and security patches
  • Achieving a hybrid cloud to get operational consistency between Amazon EKS on AWS and on-premises Amazon EKS Anywhere with a unified toolset

Consistent and reliable on-premises Kubernetes environment

Automated on-premises Kubernetes management

Support of integrated third-party software

Support of bare-metal clusters

Learn more about Amazon EKS Anywhere in our nSights TechTalks video tutorial.

What We Can Do for You


Set up a secure connection between your on-premises infrastructure and AWS Cloud


Install and configure Amazon EKS Anywhere on your on-premises servers


Set up access controls for Amazon EKS running on your on-premises infrastructure

Why nClouds?

As a leading AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, nClouds has broad experience in DevOps and AWS modern operations. We collaborate with our clients to build affordable configurations, implement rapid deployment, and mitigate ease of management with Kubernetes applications on AWS.