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Let’s enable your SaaS solution to empower your business with intelligent automation,
high availability, scalability, and enhanced security and compliance.

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How We Help

At nClouds, we design, implement, and integrate AWS infrastructure for software-as-a-service (SaaS) application architectures. We collaborate with our clients on SaaS use cases such as the following:

  • Design, build, and automate compliant SaaS solutions to support rapid business growth and product performance
  • Develop multitenant SaaS solutions to simplify deployments and reduce overhead
  • Build highly available, secure, and scalable SaaS solutions that include API design, microservices architecture, and event-driven processing

nClouds SaaS Solution Design Capabilities

  • Define security strategies for SaaS tenants and implement tenant isolation modeling

  • Define strategies for authenticating and authorizing users to manage AWS services and the SaaS application

  • Implement proactive monitoring at multiple layers to help avoid infrastructure issues

  • Enable batch-oriented, real-time (or near-real-time) analytics of application and user access logs, billing-related data, and infrastructure metrics, highlighting usage patterns to preempt possible problems caused by tenant error.

  • Automate solution deployments to effectively balance the faster boot times of autoscaled layers with a configurable, automated setup for flexible deployments

  • Implement backup capabilities in case any recent changes need to be backed out

  • Define tagging strategies to manage instances, images, and other Amazon EC2 resources

  • Create custom billing modules by implementing cost segregation based on tenant usage

Customer Results from SaaS Solution Design Projects

Improved performance efficiency for resilience to failure

Enhanced elasticity and scalability to handle spikes in tenant activity

Reduced costs

Automated CI/CD pipeline for faster delivery of new features

Enhanced security and compliance at every layer

Modernized infrastructure for rapid response to market changes

Moving from ECS to EKS and VPC deployment is a major milestone for Appify. It’s enhanced the scalability and high-availability required for our SaaS solution. The nClouds team came in at the right time and helped us achieve our goals. We appreciate all the great work that went into this project.

Rangarajan Vaithyalingam
Platform Architect

nClouds Is Your AWS SaaS Solution Consulting Partner

We have a proven record of delivering comprehensive and successful SaaS design solutions for organizations across a range of industries, from startups to large enterprises.


We have more than a decade of experience managing and executing projects on AWS, for enterprises and startups.


Our nClouds team has utilized its SaaS solution design skills on a variety of projects. We’ve integrated our powerful automation techniques to provide rapid delivery for new features.

AWS Credentials

We are a certified APN Premier Tier Services Partner (the highest tier for APN Consulting Partners) with AWS SaaS Competency, AWS DevOps Competency, AWS Migration Competency, AWS Data & Analytics Competency, AWS Managed Services Provider (MSP) Partner status, and AWS Well-Architected Partner status, in addition to being an AWS Authorized Reseller.

“As our customers are IoT product manufacturers, it’s critical to have low network latency to enable consistent connectivity of IoT devices. We turned to nClouds for help, and were impressed with their expertise in containerization and security to support these requirements and grow our business.”

Lalit Raju
VP of Engineering

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