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nClouds AWS Case Study | Petstablished

How nClouds helped Petstablished optimize AWS compute cost and gain fine-grained control of its AWS environment.
About Petstablished

Since 2016, Petstablished has helped raise over $3.5 million for animal shelters and rescues participating in its revenue share and microchip programs.

Petstablished is a software program that helps animal welfare organizations manage animal reports. It provides pet adoption tools and guidance on the application process. Petstablished is the only AWO management software that shares its revenues with its users. It helps pet parents manage their pet data, including medical records, tasks, contacts, applications, etc. For more information about Petstablished, go to:

Pet, Software
New York, NY
The Challenge
Optimize AWS compute cost and gain fine-grained control of its AWS environment.
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Volume pricing discounts & single bill simplicity with AWS consolidated billing

30% cost savings plus no lock-in flexibility with ShareSave Service by nOps

Fine-grained control of its AWS environment with nOps


Optimize AWS compute cost and gain fine-grained control of its AWS environment.

Petstablished did not want to risk making over-burdened choices in commitments to Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) or AWS Saving Plans (SPs). They used Amazon EC2 extensively and were looking for ways to optimize costs, without the risk. Plus,Petstablished was looking for a monitoring solution to provide granular control of its AWS environment.

“ShareSave Service gives Petstablished the freedom to save on our AWS compute workloads with the flexibility of no commitment and no risk, so we’re not locked in. The biggest benefits are the visibility into our infrastructure, the specific inefficient resources, and overall saving us tons of money thanks to nOps’s intuitive admin panel.”


nClouds' solution provides additional Amazon Web Services:

AWS Organizations – Provides policy-based management for multiple AWS accounts.

Consolidated billing for AWS Organizations – A feature in AWS Organizations that enables Petstablished to consolidate billing and payment for multiple AWS accounts. nClouds provides the consolidated bill to Petstablished.

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