Case Study

nClouds AWS Case Study | ēdn

How nClouds helps AgTech innovator ēdn maintain its AWS infrastructure's stability, reliability, and availability so that ēdn's engineers have more time to focus on new features.
About ēdn

Founded in 2016, ēdn creates products that enable everyone to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers indoors at the push of a button. ēdn is on a mission to change the way the world experiences nature. The company combines advanced automation and app control with a deep understanding of horticulture to grow any type of plant year-round with predictable and guaranteed results. To learn more, go to

AgTech, Consumer Electronics, IoT
New York, NY
The Challenge
Maintain the stability, reliability, and availability of ēdn’s AWS infrastructure.
Featured Services

Enhanced uptime and reliability of its AWS infrastructure.

Improved focus on product innovation.


Maintain the stability, reliability, and availability of ēdn’s AWS infrastructure.

“I was impressed with nClouds’ capabilities when I had them provide 24/7 Support Services at my previous company. As soon as I joined ēdn, I called them to apply that expertise to keeping our AWS infrastructure running smoothly.”


nClouds' Solution for ēdn

nClouds’ 24/7 Support Services team provides ēdn with:

  • Management of events, incidents, problems, and assets.
  • Event/incident ticket creation and escalation with automated escalation alerts, immediate logging and timestamping of tickets.
  • Systems, tools, applications with resource-level controls to monitor the performance of the infrastructure and AWS services to ensure the system remains within policy.
  • Runbook updates based on new issues encountered, changes in the infrastructure, or ēdn’s requirements.

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