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nClouds AWS Case Study | nDimensional

nClouds helped nDimensional re-architect their cloud infrastructure for growth in scale and complexity.
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nDimensional is a pioneer in building machine learning applications to solve industrial-scale challenges for organizations seeking to capitalize on big data and IoT. As one of a select few end-to-end platforms specializing in operationalizing machine learning in real-time production settings, nDimensional empowers teams with self-service data visualization, analytics, and machine learning to become data-driven. For more information, visit:

Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, IoT
Boston, MA
The Challenge
Re-architecting cloud infrastructure for growth in scale and complexity.
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Re-architecting cloud infrastructure for growth in scale and complexity.

nDimensional’s public cloud application grew from receiving input from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of sensors. This led to increased complexity and demands on the cloud infrastructure that became difficult to maintain and optimize. The lack of an integrated DevOps and cloud solution created various challenges for nDimensional.

“At nDimensional, we use machine learning to help clients turn big data into actionable intelligence. Assessing the impact of nClouds on our journey, I am impressed by the combination of culture and deep skills to empower change, agility, and momentum.”


nClouds Solution Architecture for nDimensional

Working with nClouds helped nDimensional build a scalable cloud infrastructure using best practices and tools. The company’s new architecture used VPC Peering to connect a Utility VPC, containing Jenkins and OpenVPN, with a separate production environment VPC for improved security and performance. OpsWorks was used to create different layers based on server roles, and to enable auto-scaling across the infrastructure.

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