AWS Managed Solutions

Supercharge your business with an AWS Premier Partner that’s ready for your most complex problems.

Supercharge Your Business with the AWS Premier Tier Partner, nClouds

AWS-managed services are aimed to automate infrastructure management tasks for AWS deployments. Large enterprises that wish to simplify the migration of on-premise workloads to the public cloud and then manage those workloads may leverage our AWS-managed services and cloud guidance along with operational best practices geared toward enabling enterprises to automate cloud management tasks.

AWS Expands the Capabilities of Your Team

With customized automation, skills, and experience relevant to your environment and applications, we leverage standard AWS best practices and provide direction and implementation of operational best practices. By raising the operational bar and assisting in risk reduction without impeding agility, AWS’s proactive, preventative, and detective capabilities free you up to concentrate on innovation, with operational capabilities like monitoring, incident detection and management, security, patching, backup, and cost optimization.

Responsibility for Cloud Security

Compliance with governing regulations, including the Security and Privacy requirements described in AWS Security & Compliance Center, is a shared responsibility between AWS and the customer.

Improved security

Reduced operating costs

Focus on automation

Simplified management

Stronger compliance

Frictionless innovation


We create a baseline governance and control model using inputs from people, processes, and toolsets.

Sustain, Build, or Migrate

We determine the fastest and most efficient way to integrate, develop, and migrate your workloads.


We help you achieve operational outcomes at scale, anywhere, through observability, compliance, and financial management.

Experience Resilience Like Never Before

We redefine resilience by delivering seamless protection and uninterrupted operations for your business. Confidently navigate through disruptions, maintaining productivity and customer trust. Don’t let unforeseen events define your success—choose nClouds.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Planning

Proactive Business Continuity

Robust Data Backup and Recovery

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Our Managed Solutions Offerings

We understand the cloud can be complex. That’s why we offer a variety of cloud-managed solutions to help your business leverage the power of the cloud and future-proof your business.

Managed Cloud Support

We Give You the Space to Grow

Our managed cloud support allows businesses to tap into the power of cloud computing without the pain of having to do it themselves. It starts with the simple truth: ”The cloud must be managed by someone.” That’s where nClouds, a Premier Tier AWS Partner supercharging enterprises with the power of AWS best practices, comes in. With our broad portfolio of managed cloud services, your business gets equipped with the most efficient cloud infrastructure needed to transform your business and prepare it for the future.

As your managed cloud service provider, we cover all the aspects of your cloud transformation. From thoroughly analyzing your business objectives and growth strategy to migrating your data to managing your cloud, we make sure to improve security, automation, and compliance and provide frictionless innovation.

Cloud Architect Manager

Plan and Optimize Your AWS Needs

Organizations in every industry face the growing requirement to improve their digital transformation activities in a world where technology is constantly changing. Despite this obvious necessity, over half of the initiatives fall short of their objectives because business and technological needs are inconsistent.

IT departments still find themselves operating in a bubble far too frequently. They commonly deal with a lack of oversight and clarity from corporate leaders, which results from inadequate departmental coordination and communication. Without the right direction and leadership, no digital transformation project can be expected to succeed, even if the required capabilities are present.

Any project involving a cloud transition needs a solutions architect. Whether you’re considering implementing new business processes or modernizing old ones, our solutions architects are at your service. By carefully analyzing your business needs, matching technical solutions to those needs, and monitoring the management of those solutions moving forward, they will play a crucial part in your digital transition.

Cloud Acceleration Program

Cloud Acceleration Program

nClouds provides custom solutions with the intent of providing a dedicated team to support your enterprise’s ongoing cloud success. As an AWS Premier Partner, we have continuously evolved with the cloud landscape. Keeping up with cloud management and the overall performance of your cloud requires ample cloud talent, and that’s what we bring to the table in our Cloud Acceleration Program.

Here, we provide a bundled solution for all your cloud management solutions with dedicated, certified cloud experts who evaluate workloads and pipelines against the constantly evolving cloud standard.


One Scan to Provide Peace of Mind

Automatic audits ensure your AWS accounts are optimized and operating at total efficiency. With Cloudscan, you can be confident in your cloud compliance and security posture. Our automatic auditing solution gives you peace of mind that your data and workloads are protected.

No matter the size or industry, you can trust Cloudscan to provide a continuous deep dive into your infrastructure, providing technical insight, security, and availability reporting.

Shared Responsibility Model

Our Cloud Architect Manager offering can help relieve the operational burden of cloud deployments through a shared responsibility model between nClouds, our customer, and AWS.

Customer Responsibility

nClouds Responsibility

AWS Responsibility


Customer Data


Identity and Access Management

Network and Firewall Configuration

OS, DB-Engines, and Platforms




System Maintenance


Architectural and Best Practices

Cost Optimization Reviews

Operational Standardization




Knowledge Share

Service Availability




AWS Console

AWS Global Infrastructure


Availability Zones

Edge Locations

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