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nClouds AWS Case Study | nOps

How nClouds helped nOps migrate to Amazon EKS for better application performance, scalability, fault tolerance, and more.
About nOps

nOps is a real-time event-driven cloud data platform. nOps allows companies to automate mitigation and recurrence of cost, security, governance, and compliance.

Your team gets access to normalized cloud data through a GraphQL endpoint to automate routine tasks without the headache of managing cloud data infrastructure. Companies can easily automate their reserved instances, tune Lambdas after their deployments, right-size resources, and automate countless manual tasks.

nOps is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and an AWS Marketplace Seller that has achieved AWS Cloud Management Tools Competency status.

SaaS, Software Development
San Francisco, CA
The Challenge
Migrate nOps from Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS).
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Faster time-to-market.

More robust availability, scalability, and fault tolerance.

Improved application performance.


Migrate nOps from Amazon ECS to Amazon EKS.

To meet nOps’s critical governance and SOC 2 compliance requirements related to availability and scalability, the nClouds team migrated nOps’s compute workload from Amazon ECS to Amazon EKS. This solution proved to be a better fit for nOps’s cloud data platform architecture. Part of nOps’s challenge was to execute the modernization project while keeping most of the team focused on product development. Then that was coupled with a tight timeline to meet governance and compliance deadlines. So nOps turned to nClouds because overcoming challenges and meeting deadlines is a hallmark of nClouds’ DevOps teams.

“The nClouds DevOps team acted efficiently to scope and prioritize the migration effort. They integrated the effort into our normal engineering sprint cycles and were careful to meet commitments and timelines. The team worked independently and coordinated with our Software Engineers to execute the project with a high level of competency and maturity.”


nClouds' Solution Architecture for nOps

nOps asked nClouds to migrate its cloud data platform compute workloads from Amazon ECS to Amazon EKS as part of nClouds’ Managed DevOps Services.

nClouds implemented VPC Peering between the AWS VPN VPC, database VPC, and application VPC. OpenVPN Access Server resides in the VPN VPC. Within the database VPC are clusters for Amazon RDS, Aurora, Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, Amazon OpenSearch Service, and Amazon MSK. The Amazon EKS cluster resides in the application VPC.

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