Unlocking Business Growth: How nClouds Empowered TapClicks with AWS Migration

Oct 20, 2023 | Migration

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where more than 70 percent of companies have now migrated at least some workloads into the public cloud, staying ahead of the competition and ensuring business growth is a top priority for organizations across various industries. 

TapClicks, a leading provider of marketing operations and analytics solutions, was no exception. Facing rapid growth and the need for a more adaptable and scalable infrastructure, TapClicks embarked on a journey to migrate from an on-premises environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the help of nClouds. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into the challenges, solutions, and benefits that resulted from this migration.

The Challenge

TapClicks, headquartered in San Jose, California, was experiencing unprecedented growth in the advertising and marketing industry. As the demands of its clientele continued to grow, TapClicks recognized the need to transition from its existing on-premises infrastructure to a cloud-based AWS solution. 

However, with its rapid expansion and burgeoning customer base, minimizing downtime was a major concern. In addition, TapClicks sought disaster-relief protocols for its new AWS infrastructure and the capability to adapt to new technological innovations.

To address these challenges, TapClicks turned to AWS, the cloud computing powerhouse known for its scalability, flexibility, and extensive service offerings. It also partnered with nClouds, an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner renowned for its expertise in system analysis, infrastructure design, and efficient project execution.

nClouds’ Solution for TapClicks

nClouds began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of TapClicks’ existing on-premises infrastructure. This step was crucial in understanding the current and future requirements for a seamless transition. Together with TapClicks, nClouds established mutually agreed-upon timeframes to ensure minimal disruption. Continuous testing was also a top priority, guaranteeing that the migration would be executed without any backend issues.

The migration to AWS was executed following best practices, ensuring minimal downtime and data loss. The process was meticulously planned, and the nClouds team’s expertise in AWS architecture was crucial in delivering a smooth and efficient transition.

TapClicks also utilized third-party tools like Red Hat Ansible, an IT configuration management and deployment tool, and Icinga, a versatile monitoring system. These tools played a vital role in ensuring the smooth migration process and the continuous monitoring of the new infrastructure.

The Benefits

In addition to the seamless migration to AWS, the partnership between TapClicks and nClouds delivered several benefits that have empowered TapClicks to not only meet its current needs but also support future growth and innovation.

  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery: nClouds tested and implemented a disaster recovery system, providing TapClicks with the ability to withstand even the worst-case scenarios while minimizing any impact on the business or clients.
  • Improved Support for Innovation and Business Growth: The new AWS architecture enables TapClicks to implement future innovations with ease. This adaptability ensures that TapClicks is well prepared for immediate and long-term growth as it introduces new income streams and solutions for its clients.

By addressing its challenges and embracing innovative solutions, TapClicks has not only minimized downtime and disaster risks but also positioned itself for sustained growth and innovation. As businesses continue to evolve, collaborations with experts like nClouds can be the key to unlocking new levels of success in the cloud. 

About nClouds

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