Solutions Day in NYC!

Apr 12, 2023 | Announcements

How can you be sure you’re getting the most value from your AWS investment? Are there cloud-based solutions that can be customized to fit your needs?

At nClouds, we believe the best way to optimize your AWS system is to learn best practices and gain hands-on experience from the experts. That’s the goal of events like Solutions Day on April 11 in New York City.

Solutions Day offered guests two breakout sessions to address vital growth objectives that use AWS capabilities that enhance reliability and availability, deliver faster time-to-market offerings, and empower your teams with the freedom to focus on innovation. AWS technology experts Satyen Trivedy, senior business development manager at AWS; Carlos Luna, director of technology at nClouds; and Alex MacPherson, director of technology at OperationsRX, hosted this event with hands-on training and practical workplace expertise.

During this one-day event, AWS users discussed strategic growth objectives that provided enhanced reliability and availability with apps like DatadogParameter Store, and Amazon CloudWatch. Guests discussed ways to deliver faster time-to-market offerings with apps like CodeBuildCodePipelineCodeDeployLambda, and state machines. With these and a host of other AWS applications, users can discover the freedom to focus on innovation.

“Our cloud journey with AWS and nClouds has helped us to reduce our client onboarding from three months to a few days and reduce the cost to the customers by hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is a competitive advantage,” said Alex MacPherson.

When lunch ends, your AWS cloud journey begins with nClouds.

From networking lunches and happy hours to enlightening learning events and webinars, nClouds hosts a variety of events across the nation. Learn more about nClouds’ upcoming events here.


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