nClouds Raises a Glass to Modernizing Operations with AWS Containers

Apr 13, 2023 | Announcements

AWS users know there are many ways to connect with customers. And for nClouds, adding cocktails to containerization conversations is one of our favorite ways. But don’t let the hot buffet and Bacardi fool you.

At our Modernize with AWS and nClouds networking event on April 12 in New York City, customers using legacy applications and those looking to further optimize their existing containerized footprints acquired strategic ways to modernize operations, reduce overhead costs, and boost performance by moving to containers.

This event was a great opportunity for attendees to network, share their experiences, and learn about the benefits of working with AWS.

Our expert hosts—Aayzed Tanweer, AWS solutions architect at AWS, Carlos Luna, senior DevOps engineer at nClouds, and Alex MacPherson, director of technology at OperationsRX—shared valuable insights and knowledge about AWS and cloud technology.

Why Modernize with Containerization?

Leading the discussion, Aayzed reviewed how AWS users modernize to achieve innovation in three key areas:

Speed and Agility

Customers want to respond quickly to their own customers, and those customers that are able to adjust and take advantage of the cloud are the ones that do well. However, most of the time is spent keeping the lights on. With cloud, spend more time writing code and less time managing infrastructure.

Security and Operational Resilience

AWS users can build security into the infrastructure from the beginning, not as the last step.


Containerization reduces the risk of project delays and reduces activation energy with a lower activation barrier.

Attendees left the event with a better understanding of how AWS can transform and innovate their businesses and so much more.

A Case Study in Success

Carlos Luna from nClouds joined Alex MacPherson from OperationsRX as he explained how OperationsRX’s experiencetheir experience as an AWS customer helped the company achieve great results:

  • Reach desired business outcomes faster
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Enable businesses to focus on innovation
  • Reduce security and compliance risks
  • Open up opportunities to develop unique skills

“Our cloud journey with AWS and nClouds has helped us to reduce our client onboarding from three months to a few days and reduce the cost to the customers by hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Alex said. “That is a competitive advantage.”

At nClouds, we’re all about making meaningful connections with technical and business professionals, fueled by our love for sharing insights, ideas, and best practices—and having a blast while we’re at it!

These events are designed to educate by demonstrating how AWS and nClouds can help transform cloud environments and better serve customers through the modernization of workloads with containers.If you missed it, don’t worry! From networking lunches and happy hours to enlightening learning events and webinars, nClouds hosts a variety of events across the nation. Learn more about nClouds’ upcoming events here.


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