5 Reasons to Migrate to AWS Using an AWS Premier Consulting Partner

Apr 11, 2023 | Migration

As more and more businesses look to move their operations to the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a popular choice. However, the migration process can be complex and overwhelming, especially for businesses without the necessary expertise.

That’s where nClouds, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, can help. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five reasons why migrating to AWS with an AWS Premier Consulting Partner is a smart move.

1. Expertise

According to a report by AWS, businesses that work with consulting partners see an average reduction of 65 percent in time spent on migration and an average cost savings of 27 percent compared to businesses that migrate on their own. That’s because AWS Premier Consulting Partners are certified by AWS and have extensive experience working with AWS technologies. They have a deep understanding of AWS best practices and can help you design, build, and manage your AWS environment. Their expertise ensures that your migration will be smooth and efficient, reducing the risk of downtime and data loss.

2. Cost-effectiveness

study by IDC found that businesses that work with consulting partners are able to reduce their IT infrastructure costs by 51 percent on average. AWS Premier Consulting Partners can help you optimize your AWS environment to reduce costs. They can identify areas where you’re overpaying and suggest changes that will lower your bill. For example, they can help you choose the right instance types, select the appropriate storage options, and leverage AWS pricing models that can save you money, including funding opportunities for the Migration Acceleration Program.

3. Scalability

One of the key benefits of AWS is its scalability. AWS Premier Consulting Partners can help you design your environment to scale quickly and easily as your business grows. They can ensure that your infrastructure is flexible enough to handle spikes in traffic and that your applications are designed to scale horizontally.

According to a survey by Flexera, 84 percent of enterprises have a multicloud strategy, and 58 percent of those use AWS as their primary cloud platform. This shows the importance of having a scalable AWS environment that can handle growth and changes.

4. Security

A study by Fortinet suggests that by 2023, 31% of organizations expect to run 75% of their workloads in the cloud. With this shift to the cloud, it’s crucial to have a secure environment, and working with an AWS consulting partner can ensure that your security measures are up to date and effective.

AWS provides a secure infrastructure, but it’s up to the customer to ensure that their applications and data are also secure. AWS Premier Consulting Partners can help you design and implement a secure AWS environment. They can help you set up encryption, access controls, and monitoring to ensure that your data is protected.

5. Support

Once your migration is complete, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner can provide ongoing support. They can help you optimize your environment, troubleshoot issues, and provide training for your team. This level of support ensures that you get the most out of your AWS environment and that you’re always up to date with the latest AWS features and best practices.

According to a survey by Gartner, 47 percent of organizations lack the skills and expertise to manage their cloud environments. Partnering with an AWS consulting partner can provide ongoing support and help fill that skills gap.In conclusion, migrating to AWS with nClouds offers several benefits, including expertise, cost-effectiveness, scalability, security, and ongoing support. If you’re considering a move to AWS, partnering with nClouds can help ensure a successful migration and a smooth transition to the cloud. Contact us to get a free Fast Path for Migration Readiness by nClouds.


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