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Kubernetes on AWS: Multi-Arch Workloads with AWS Graviton2

Building Multi-Arch Containers on AWS


Marius Ducea

Marius Ducea

VP of DevOps Practice

Scott Malkie

Scott Malkie

Specialist Solutions Architect

Navdeep Singh

Senior DevOps Engineer

Do you need the how-to for building multi-arch workloads? In this session, experts from AWS and nClouds share how to use AWS Graviton2 on Amazon EKS to build multi-arch containers. And, how to use the nCodeLibrary to build Amazon EKS/AWS Graviton2-based clusters.
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A partial list of topics include:

  • Intro to AWS Graviton2: AWS has multiple new services that support AWS Graviton. Discover the new features related to AWS Graviton, including cost advantages up to 20% and performance advantages up to 40%.
  • AWS Graviton2 on Amazon EKS: You can build multi-architecture Docker containers using Graviton2-based workers in Amazon EKS. Get the tips & tricks and current limitations of using Graviton.
  • nClouds nCodeLibrary: Learn how to use nCodeLibrary infrastructure as code (IaC) to build Amazon EKS/AWS Graviton2-based clusters.

Special Offer for Viewers: All registered webinar viewers are eligible for a Free Migration Assessment to AWS Graviton2 Offer by nClouds.

Running Time: 60 Minutes

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