AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

Let’s apply architectural best practices to drive better business outcomes.

Is your infrastructure Well-Architected?

  • Are you getting the most from your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment?
  • How does your architecture stack up to industry best practices?
  • Is your architecture helping achieve your desired business and technical outcomes, all while optimizing costs?

A Well-Architected infrastructure can drive better business outcomes like reducing costs or security and compliance risk, improving the reliability of your core systems for better customer experiences, and much more. AWS solutions architects have identified best practices for architecting systems in the cloud based on their many years of experience in designing and reviewing thousands of customers’ architectures on AWS across virtually all business verticals and use cases. The result is the AWS Well-Architected Framework, based on six pillars.

AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars

  • Security – protecting information and systems. 
  • Reliability – meeting business and customer demand by preventing and quickly recovering from failures, based on foundational elements.
  • Performance efficiency – using IT and computing resources efficiently.
  • Operational excellence – running and monitoring systems to deliver business value and continually improve processes and procedures.
  • Cost optimization – avoiding unnecessary costs.
  • Sustainability — minimizing the environmental impacts of running cloud workloads.

AWS Well-Architected Framework Review: making the Framework actionable

AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAFRs) use the AWS Well-Architected Framework to provide a consistent approach to evaluate and remediate systems, based on best practices for designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient, operationally excellent, cost-optimized, and sustainable systems for the cloud.

nClouds is an approved AWS Well-Architected Partner and is certified to provide WAFRs. We apply our expertise as one of the leading AWS Well-Architected Partners globally to assess your critical workload running on AWS based on the six Well-Architected Framework pillars, identify high-risk issues (HRIs), and provide you with actionable recommendations to remediate issues and close gaps fast.

While the scope of the WAFR often starts with a focus on a high-priority workload, our experience is that a broader discussion happens. The WAFR evolves into precisely the discussion we want to have with our customers: How modern infrastructure on AWS will give you an advantage in the marketplace, like a better customer experience, faster idea-to-cash, or scalability.

aws well architeached

nOps accelerates AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

We use the nOps cloud management platform. It’s purpose-built for the AWS Well-Architected Framework to:

  • Accelerate and automate the discovery of the target workload’s noncompliance with AWS Well-Architected best practices.
  • Improve the accuracy of a WAFR.
  • Help you identify potential cost savings of up to 30% or more.
  • Quickly locate high-risk security loopholes ‒ lack of MFA, resources in public subnets, etc.
  • Enable you to design for better performance and reliability to support your growing business.
nOps accelerates AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

Benefits of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

In our experience, the majority of organizations participating in a Well-Architected Framework Review proceed with recommended remediations. That should tell you the value of the Review.

  • Get solutions to pressing issues and a prioritized roadmap of remediation goals to provide immediate, quantifiable improvements for cost, security, reliability, operational excellence, and performance efficiency.
  • Keep current with the awesome volume and velocity of new AWS services. Some may address your issues immediately, like cost.
  • Have a broad discussion with your key business and IT stakeholders on how modern infrastructure can give you an advantage in the marketplace – like better customer experience, faster idea-to-cash, scalability, and more.
  • Address areas of security and compliance risk before they cause problems.

Schedule your AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

Free AWS Well-Architected Framework Review by nClouds* $5,000 AWS Service Credit Voucher**

* For qualified organizations.
** Applies to qualified projects, for AWS clients who start remediation within 30 days after delivery of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review and remediate 45% of high-risk issues (HRIs).
Request Well-Architected Review

How the Review works

Set a date and time for the Review and select a priority workload.

Assume two (2) hours for the Review, based on the amount of pre-work you complete.

Invite attendees to the Review.
  • A cross-section of your internal stakeholders (think IT and business). Include a member of your team who is involved in the design/provisioning of your infrastructure.
  • nClouds team, including an AWS-certified solutions architect.
Day of the Review.
  • The Review can be performed remotely.
  • Perform deep-dive on a critical workload.
  • Audit operations for compliance with the six AWS Well-Architected pillars.
  • Perform assessments via Q&A and automation.
  • Surface some immediate cost savings by revealing sub-optimized or underutilized resources.
Following the Review.
  • nClouds provides:
    • Recommendations based on business implications of your workload design decisions.
    • A prioritized roadmap of short-, medium-, and long-term goals, based on the core Framework pillars.
  • As a customer, you can:
    • Decide to implement recommendations and receive up to $5,000 AWS credit, per workload. (Actual remediation work performed by nClouds may have associated costs.)
    • Perform periodic checks on the assessment to improve the score and work on recommendations.

Who’s benefiting from AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

nOps accelerates AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

What customers say about
AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

  • As a result of nClouds performing an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review, we identified necessary remediations for our Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS workload. nClouds then applied their AWS and DevOps expertise to implement those remediations so that we’re now saving AWS costs and have enhanced security to protect our data.”

    — Ali Hessaraki Jr., Chief Operating Officer, EZ Software Solutions

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  • OperationsRx wanted a best-practices infrastructure on AWS, and nClouds helped make it a reality. Now, they’re keeping it that way with their Managed DevOps and 24/7 Support Services. The result: happy OperationsRx customers and engineers that have the time and freedom to do what they love — innovate to their heart’s content."

    — Alex MacPherson, Director of Technology, OperationsRx

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  • nClouds has been there for us as we’ve grown, helping us get and stay well-architected. And now they’re enabling us to clearly see and optimize our AWS costs with AWS consolidated billing to help fuel our future growth.”

    — Tali Shahaf, VP R&D, Jasper Card

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  • I could not be happier with nClouds. They worked hard to build a solid infrastructure on AWS that’s working as planned — we couldn’t have accomplished this without them.”

    — Greg Shaurette, SVP Information Technology, Efabless

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  • The Well-Architected program identified low-hanging fruit that we could resolve quickly like securing the root account with hardware MFA and disabling inactive keys. It also gave us long-tail items that we will fit into our development plan."

    — Donovan Bray, Director of DevOps and IT, LendingHome

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Schedule your AWS Well-Architected Review

  • Free AWS Well-Architected Framework Review by nClouds*
  • $5,000 AWS Service Credit Voucher**

* For qualified organizations.
** Applies to qualified projects, for AWS clients who start remediation within 30 days after delivery of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review and remediate 45% of high-risk issues (HRIs).

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