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How nClouds helped Momentum gain improved visibility into AWS costs and access volume pricing discounts to support its business growth.

About Momentum

Founded in 2018, Momentum is disrupting charitable giving with a donation ecosystem that makes giving more intimate, transparent, and sustainable for nonprofits and donors. Based on its expertise in donation psychology, Momentum enables recurring giving so that donors can engage with charities in a long-term relationship. In partnership with charities, Momentum builds donation pages for them using giving rules. Its online donor portal provides a frictionless way for donors to set up automated small-dollar donations triggered by ordinary moments or events that relate to their lives. For more information, go to:




Oakland, CA


Gain improved visibility into AWS costs and access volume pricing discounts to support its business growth.

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Benefits Summary


Volume pricing discounts


Improved visibility into AWS costs

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I appreciate that nClouds has been there for us the past two years to help us enhance our AWS infrastructure. And now, nClouds is applying their expertise in AWS cost optimization to help Momentum support its business growth with the benefits of AWS consolidated billing."
Ivan Dimitrov

Founder & CTO, Momentum



Gain improved visibility into AWS costs and access volume pricing discounts to support business growth.

To support its fast-growth business, Momentum needed to optimize its AWS costs and wanted to have enhanced visibility into its AWS costs.

Why AWS and nClouds

In 2021, Momentum asked nClouds for help with cost optimization. After analyzing their situation, nClouds offered AWS consolidated billing to Momentum, creating a win-win scenario for Momentum and its nonprofit partners.

Momentum had an ongoing relationship for two years with nClouds, which began when an investor in the company (then known as Sparrow) connected its founder and CTO to nClouds. A discovery call revealed that the company could benefit from containerizing two applications, building out the infrastructure, and implementing a CI/CD pipeline with AWS CodePipeline. Momentum was impressed with nClouds’ thoroughness in the pre-sales stage and engaged with nClouds to develop a proof of concept (PoC) for these remediations.

Then, in 2020, the company asked nClouds to provide 24/7 Support Services in advance of a PR campaign targeted to generate 350 million impressions on associated websites and Momentum’s application. The scope of work included working on items in Momentum’s DevOps improvement roadmap, proactively identifying and fixing issues, supporting the development team, and regularly communicating with product stakeholders.

AWS Partner

Momentum leverages Amazon Web Services:

  • AWS Organizations - Provides policy-based management for multiple AWS accounts.
  • Consolidated billing for AWS Organizations - A feature in AWS Organizations that enables Momentum to consolidate billing and payment for multiple AWS accounts. nClouds provides the consolidated bill to Momentum.

The Benefits

Teaming with nClouds, Momentum now has improved cost optimization. The project has yielded numerous benefits:


Volume pricing discounts

As a free service, the AWS consolidated billing feature of AWS Organizations gives Momentum the ability to combine their usage across all accounts to gain volume pricing discounts.


Improved visibility into AWS costs

Along with only having to deal with a single bill, Momentum now can track the charges across multiple accounts and download the combined cost and usage data.

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