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nClouds helps Finexio with efficiency and security enhancements.
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Finexio simplifies accounts-payable payments for medium and large corporations by digitizing manual paper checks. Finexio’s comprehensive accounts payable payments-as-a-service (PaaS) solution leverages proprietary analytics and robotic process automation to drive maximum conversion rates of suppliers to electronic payments.

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Finexio faced several technical challenges before working with AWS and nClouds. Ensuring robust cloud security was a top priority to protect sensitive financial data and maintain compliance standards. The company also needed to find ways to save on costs while optimizing cloud performance. Finally, deploying and maintaining AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) stacks efficiently was essential for streamlined infrastructure management and scalability.


In tackling the challenges faced by Finexio, nClouds devised a multifaceted solution that focused on efficiency and security enhancements. First, automated workflows were introduced to trim costs in lower environments during weekends when system usage was at its lowest, resulting in significant savings without sacrificing performance.

To speed up the implementation of AWS CDK stacks, nClouds introduced a streamlined and automated process using AWS CodeSuite and GitHub triggers. This automation ensured rapid and reliable infrastructure deployment. An automated audit system for AWS IAM users was proposed and implemented, encompassing monitoring of access keys and password age. AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) was also implemented to improve Finexio’s security by barring malicious sources from infiltrating Finexio’s systems. This proactive approach ensured compliance and minimized security vulnerabilities.

Additional pipeline features were also introduced, enabling Finexio to dynamically enable or disable releases, providing it with greater control and flexibility over its software delivery processes. A custom solution was devised to automatically create SSH users from Secrets Manager whenever new users were added or updated, streamlining user management tasks via SSM Automation Documents. Together, these solutions addressed Finexio’s unique challenges, delivering efficiency, security, and agility to its AWS infrastructure.

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