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nClouds AWS Case Study | Astra

About Astra

Astra is a prominent player in the aerospace and defense industry, committed to leveraging technology to ensure secure, reliable, and efficient operations globally.

Aerospace and Defense
The Challenge
Standardizing VPC network connectivity to on-premises and other VPCs
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Enhanced Security and Compliance

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Standardizing and Centralizing
  • Standardizing VPC network connectivity to on-premises and other VPCs
  • Ensuring inter-VPC network connectivity
  • Centralizing the management of VPC network security policies


nClouds’ Solution for Astra

The VPC hosts Palo Alto firewall instances for network security, and all inter-VPC network traffic is routed through the inspection VPC to effectively monitor, log, and enforce network security best practices between VPCs and the internet. Palo Alto was chosen as the inspection VPC security appliance. Astra already has a Palo Alto presence for its on-premises firewalls and the ability to leverage Palo Alto Panorama for central firewall policy enforcement.

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