Yewno Achieves Remarkable Cost and Time Savings with nClouds Partnership

Apr 4, 2023 | AWS

How Yewno Created a Flexible and Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Yewno, a computer software company revolutionizing the world of Augmented Intelligence, crushed its goals with a flexible and secure cloud infrastructure that delivered significant cost and time savings, enhanced scalability, availability, and security.

Yewno uses advanced techniques from fields like computational linguistics, network theory, and machine learning to provide augmented intelligence. Yewno’s technology helps its customers overcome the “information overload” problem and enables them to research and understand the world more naturally. For example, if you’re a researcher or university student, Yewno’s powerful AI tech would help you perform meaningful research in a short amount of time, interpret terms, and infer relationships between topics.

By teaming up with nClouds, Yewno was able to break free of infrastructure headaches and focus on what it does best: delivering insights and results for its customers.

The Challenge

Yewno faced a crucial question: How could it free up its engineers and data scientists from the time-consuming and expensive task of managing DevOps-related functions? The company also wanted to modernize its application and ensure that the AWS environment had improved scalability and cost-tracking controls.

The Solution

As a Premier Consulting Partner of AWS, nClouds was uniquely equipped to help Yewno design and deploy a cloud infrastructure that could handle the demands of its platform. With best-in-class services that included DevOpsinfrastructure and application migrationmodernization, security management, and 24/7 customer support and monitoring, nClouds was the perfect partner for Yewno’s ambitious goals.

From Amazon CloudWatch and Lambda to third-party services like Datadog, nClouds’ extensive experience with cloud architecture tools helped Yewno find a flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure solution that freed it up to focus on driving product innovation and accelerating time-to-market.


nClouds’ solution enabled Yewno to experience significant cost and time savings as well as enhanced scalability, availability, resource management, and security. Thanks to nClouds, Yewno was able to achieve success, focus on innovation, and stay ahead of the competition in a fast-moving industry.

“nClouds is our extended team that manages DevOps services and provides ongoing support of our AWS infrastructure,” says Brendan Volheim, CTO of Yewno. “This partnership has leveraged the Yewno team to focus on product innovation for our AI platform offering. This focus, combined with powerful automation like our CI/CD pipeline and modernization with EKS, has helped us deliver faster, with reduced costs, and better predictability.”

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