ShareSave: A smarter way to optimize costs on AWS

Sep 21, 2021 | Announcements, Migration, MSP

At nClouds, we understand that overhead is a company’s greatest asset or its greatest liability. A company’s overhead is time and money. Overhead becomes an asset when it is time well used and money well spent. Overhead is best understood with four letters, c-o-s-t. In other words, what does it cost in terms of time and money to run a successful, sustainable business? This is the impetus for ShareSave Service by nClouds. To help our clients ensure that their overhead — specifically, the modern infrastructure they are building on AWS — is a cost-optimized asset.

ShareSave by nClouds is an expert, AI-driven service that provides auto-pilot management of AWS commitments. ShareSave oversees your AWS accounts and makes certain that you are eliminating waste and cost-optimizing your budget continuously. In its boldest sense, ShareSave reimagines AWS savings commitments. It finds real savings, potentially up to 45% off your current Amazon EC2 On-Demand pricing. This frees up your engineering and finance team members to focus on innovation rather than having to make AWS spend a core competency. This gives you confidence in your savings while your team stays focused on the business.

ShareSave gives companies a means to control overhead and even apply savings to funding application modernization initiatives. And your team won’t be prevented from innovating with new AWS services because ShareSave eliminates lock-in and provides you with the agility to pivot mid-step and engage other AWS services — while still saving money. ShareSave delivers immediate and substantial AWS savings with zero risk to you, no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey.

How can we do this? Well, technically, ShareSave is: optimal savings commitment utilization with a dramatic reduction in Amazon EC2 spend. If you like the “how”, you’ll appreciate the following explanation:

The ShareSave AI engine collects Amazon CloudWatch (CloudWatch) and AWS CloudTrail (CloudTrail) logs and continuously monitors and analyzes infrastructure usage data points. ShareSave automatically reacts in real time by purchasing Reserved Instances (RIs) and/or Savings Plans (SPs) upon an increase in compute usage and selling RIs and/or SPs upon a decrease in compute usage. nClouds continuously purchases and sells commitments on an hourly basis, which depends on your infrastructure’s capacity changes. ShareSave then grabs the most lucrative discounts in the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace and utilizes 3-year commitments when purchasing SPs.

ShareSave Service by nClouds is about saving money, capital reallocation, and capital repositioning. It provides access to resources not available to smaller companies. In layman’s terms, ShareSave offers companies budget flexibility, asset optimization, and the freedom to innovate with new AWS services since you avoid lock-in. nClouds knows that overhead can be your company’s greatest asset or its greatest liability. That’s why nClouds launched ShareSave for you with its risk-free guarantee. It’s the smarter way to optimize costs on AWS.

We want to help you get started now and help you apply your savings to your modernization initiatives. I invite you to contact me so we can explore your possibilities with ShareSave.

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