How to “SaaSify” in AWS in 2024: nClouds Shares Tips During AWS Twitch Show

Jan 29, 2024 | AWS, SaaS

The nClouds team took center stage on the AWS Howdy Partner Twitch Show on January 24 to provide valuable insights for developers looking to “SaaSify” in AWS in 2024. From the nClouds team, Senior DevOps Engineer Carlos Rodriguez, Head of FinOps Callin Lindsay, Senior Account Executive Caitlin Kabo, Solutions Architect Faisal Afzal, and VP of Business Development and AWS Alliance Executive Randy Newell were all featured on the show. 

nClouds’ appearance on the AWS Howdy Partner Twitch Show was courtesy of nomination by the AWS SaaS Competency Team. nClouds was the No. 1 SaaS Competency Partner in North America in 2023 based on the number of new or major updates to customer production SaaS workloads.

The show highlighted nClouds’ expertise in software-as-a-service (SaaS), cost optimization (FinOps), security and compliance, generative AI, and data readiness. 

Watch the replay of the AWS Howdy Partner Twitch Show with nClouds here

The 3 Phases of SaaS on AWS

During the livestream, Newell outlined the three key stages that SaaS organizations undergo when collaborating with nClouds. The initial phase involves the transition of companies’ infrastructure from on-premises to AWS on the cloud. During this stage, the architecture is characterized by single-tenancy, where each instance of a software application and its supporting infrastructure serves a single customer.

Moving on to the second phase, Newell emphasized the importance of transitioning every single-tenant customer to a multitenancy model. This shift enables organizations to enhance customer experiences and facilitates scalability.

In the final phase, SaaS organizations on AWS with a multitenancy setup focus on scaling. At this point, priorities shift toward aspects such as disaster recovery, security, compliance, and cost optimization. Fortunately, the nClouds team is well-equipped to address these critical considerations for their clients.

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Cost Optimization and FinOps on AWS 

The nClouds FinOps program is designed to identify opportunities for cost optimization and maximize long-term savings for customers. With the platforms that SaaS runs on being 90 percent consumption-based, cost optimization has never been more important for customers, Lindsay shared during the show. 

There are many advantages to moving to the cloud, but without careful safeguards, costs can quickly spiral out of control. By bringing stakeholders to the table, creating transparency in an organization’s spend, and practicing overall good governance, organizations can start to take control of their costs on AWS, Lindsay said. 

nClouds offers guidance and support for both administrative and technical cost savings opportunities, including consolidated billing, enterprise discount program, savings plans and reserved instances, flexible billing options, observability, modernization, rightsizing, type migration, and scheduled resources. With FinOps, nClouds’ goal is to build things effectively while keeping it as efficient as possible. 

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Security with SaaS on AWS

Nowadays, obtaining a strong security posture with a SaaS build on AWS provides a competitive edge because customers value strong security, Kabo shared during the show. Common frameworks like SOC 2 and ISO 7001 are now “must-haves” for SaaS products. For SaaS providers that want to sell their products to the government, there are even more security and compliance frameworks to think about. 

Cloud providers like AWS invest heavily in robust security measures and maintain highly skilled security teams. By leveraging their expertise and infrastructure, businesses can benefit from enhanced security controls, including data encryption, intrusion-detection systems, and firewalls, which are continuously updated to mitigate emerging threats.

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Overall, nClouds showcased expertise in SaaS, FinOps, and security at the AWS Howdy Partner Twitch Show. Recognized as the top SaaS Competency Partner in 2023, the nClouds team outlined the three phases of SaaS on AWS, highlighted their FinOps program for cost optimization, talked about the importance of security, and more. nClouds stands out as a trusted partner for organizations navigating SaaS implementation on AWS.

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