How Petstablished Achieved AWS Cost Optimization and Control with nClouds

Dec 27, 2023 | AWS

In a survey of 750 senior enterprise IT professionals, 64 percent of respondents said their primary concern in cloud computing was “cost management and containment” when dealing with big data technologies and applications. This illuminates the challenges organizations face in optimizing costs while operating in their cloud environments.

Petstablished, a New York-based software company in the pet industry focused on animal welfare and adoption, needed a solution to optimize its AWS compute costs without committing to long-term plans, and it sought better visibility into its AWS environment. In collaboration with Petstablished, nClouds crafted a three-part solution involving AWS Consolidated Billing, ShareSave Service by nOps, and the nOps Cloud Management platform. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of this transformative success story.

Problem: Navigating Cloud Cost Challenges

Petstablished was heavily reliant on Amazon EC2 and faced the challenge of optimizing AWS compute costs without making over-burdened commitments to Reserved Instances (RIs) or AWS Savings Plans (SPs). The organization also needed a monitoring solution that would provide granular control over its AWS environment, addressing inefficiencies and enhancing overall cost management.

Solution: AWS Consolidated Billing and More

To simplify billing and gain volume pricing discounts, nClouds implemented AWS Consolidated Billing through AWS Organizations. Without any extra fees, this feature enabled Petstablished to receive a single bill and easily track expenses across multiple accounts. It also combines usage for volume pricing discounts, Reserved Instance discounts, and Savings Plans. 

Petstablished also took advantage of the ShareSave Service by nOps, which helped with cost savings. ShareSave is a cost optimization program, so Petstablished is free from the worry of over- or under-provisioning. With the ShareSave Service, Petstablished is not locked into specific AWS services, so its engineers have the flexibility to innovate with new AWS services and even apply its savings to modernization initiatives.

For fine-grained control over their AWS environment, nClouds implemented the nOps Cloud Management Platform for Petstablished. This SaaS platform provides continuous visibility into changes within the AWS environment, aligning with the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: reliability, performance efficiency, operational excellence, and security.

Benefits: Significant Cost Savings and Control

Petstablished’s collaboration with nClouds brought a bunch of benefits in strategic AWS optimization. By leveraging AWS Consolidated Billing, ShareSave Service by nOps, and the nOps Cloud Management Platform, Petstablished not only optimized costs but gained unparalleled control over its AWS environment. 

Here are the specific benefits Petstablished achieved with the solution provided by nClouds. 

  1. Volume Pricing Discounts and Single Bill Simplicity: The AWS Consolidated Billing feature streamlined invoicing, providing a consolidated bill and enabling volume pricing discounts.
  2. Cost Savings with ShareSave Service: Through ShareSave Service by nOps, Petstablished achieved a 30 percent reduction in AWS compute costs compared to On-Demand Pricing.
  3. Granular Control with nOps: The nOps Cloud Management Platform empowered Petstablished with granular control, offering visibility into changes, costs, and adherence to AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices.

Petstablished’s journey with nClouds showcases the power of strategic AWS optimization. By leveraging AWS Consolidated Billing, ShareSave Service by nOps, and the nOps Cloud Management Platform, Petstablished not only optimized costs but also gained unparalleled control over its AWS environment. 

Read the full Petstablished case study here

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