Challenging the Status Quo: #ChooseTo Challenge

Mar 25, 2021 | Announcements, Migration, MSP

This year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme is #ChooseToChallenge. “From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge,” the campaign’s website states.

We couldn’t agree more. At nClouds, challenging the status quo is in our DNA. In fact, it’s hard-coded into our company values that we live daily and share publicly on our company websitePartnerships based on shared goals. Challenge the status quo. Innovation culture that delivers client value.

As a recognized innovator in the technology space, we are obligated to make challenging the status quo an integral part of our culture. And that means continuously challenging our behaviors and protocols.

Before we dive into the challenges that nClouds is embracing, we’d like to celebrate the achievements of all the women who work at nClouds, from project managers to those who work in sales, marketing, customer success, human resources, and yes, in engineering.

And while it’s healthy to celebrate the creation and daily experience of an inclusive and diverse culture, we realize that it is essential to hear from the women who work at nClouds about how they perceive our work environment. Happily, their responses align with the culture we look to promote every day.

Asked to name what they liked about working at nClouds and in the tech industry, one respondent said, “The steady challenges, the fast pace, and the diversity.” Another cited the “constant innovation.” “Be prepared to think outside of the box to solve a problem or process that may not have been encountered before,” urges one of our respondents.

And this response sums it up nicely, “Bring your ideas, and you will be well received! We love innovating and investing in people! We are a diverse workforce, and we keep thriving to get the best out of each team member to best serve our customers.”

So, addressing the challenges, we know there is much to be done. In 2020, Statista reported that 20-23% of the workforce in tech jobs at major tech companies were female and that 23-25% of leadership jobs at those companies were female.

As part of our nBalance Corporate Citizenship initiative, nClouds created an engineering internship and training program to help break down the barriers that hinder diverse individuals from becoming engineers.

But we noticed that while women were signing up for the program, they weren’t making it through to the end. So in the first quarter of 2021, our Diversity & Inclusion team focused on partnering with the HR training team to figure out how to change the narrative. And to understand better the reasons why women were not making it through.

This past February’s training included women that qualified for and completed the program. During Q2, our Diversity & Inclusion team is exploring external resources to help us move the needle even more, as we #ChooseToChallenge.

How are you choosing to challenge the status quo? We’d love to hear about it.

If you’re interested in bringing your awesome talents, spirit of inclusiveness, and dedication to challenging the status quo, please visit our Careers page.


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