How Amazon EKS Anywhere facilitates hybrid cloud operations for application modernization

Jun 30, 2022 | Announcements, Migration, MSP

Gartner states that hybrid infrastructures are becoming the dominant strategy for application modernization. And that by 2025, 85% of infrastructure strategies will integrate on-premises, colocation, cloud, and edge delivery options.

The hybrid strategy embodies two areas, specific business needs and workload placement. To accomplish this, some workloads will be placed on-premises to meet security or data sovereignty compliance requirements. Other workloads will reside in a public cloud or multiple cloud environments. It will then be essential that IT tools and processes extend across these environments.

recent cloud market study reveals that 71% of organizations want IT Ops to provide developer-ready Kubernetes that ensures cluster and application performance. Amazon EKS, a fully managed Kubernetes solution, eliminates much of the complexity associated with deploying and operating cloud-native applications. To support hybrid cloud operations, Amazon EKS Anywhere enables you to run Amazon EKS on your on-premises infrastructure with support of bare-metal clusters.

Use Amazon EKS Anywhere to:

  • Begin your move to managed Kubernetes by running Amazon EKS clusters on your on-premises infrastructure.
  • Secure your applications in a disconnected environment and maintain data sovereignty of large data sets to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Modernize on-premises applications without having to focus on Kubernetes upstream maintenance and security patches.
  • Support hybrid cloud and gain operational consistency with a toolset that is unified between Amazon EKS on AWS and on-premises Amazon EKS Anywhere.

nClouds extends fully managed developer-ready Kubernetes across hybrid cloud environments with Amazon EKS Anywhere Services by nClouds. nClouds helps you:

  • Set up a secure connection between on-premises infrastructure and AWS Cloud.
  • Install and configure Amazon EKS Anywhere on on-premises servers.
  • Set up access controls for Amazon EKS running on an on-premises infrastructure.

Amazon EKS Anywhere extends Amazon EKS’s operational consistency, reliability, and flexibility to hybrid and multi-cloud domains. nClouds builds on-premises Amazon EKS Kubernetes infrastructure for our clients. We provide flexibility for our clients to transition to running EKS clusters in their customer-managed, on-premises data center, or bare-metal clusters.”

— Jagatveer Singh, Director, DevOps Practice, nClouds, an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and Top-Tier AWS Application Modernization Acceleration Team Partner

Amazon EKS Anywhere enables modernizing on-premises applications by simplifying the creation and operation of on-premises Kubernetes clusters. It helps with default component configurations by providing tools for automating cluster management. Amazon EKS Anywhere is designed to reduce support costs and eliminates redundant maintenance.

Amazon EKS Anywhere is a perfect solution for a hybrid or disconnected environment. It saves time. It saves money. It provides heightened security and enables data sovereignty.