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We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on. nClouds is the leading DevOps Solutions Provider that helps businesses excel by providing DevOps as a Culture rather than a position. DevOps is the new age integration of both Software Developers and IT Operations teams to efficiently get products to release in an iterative fashion for instant gratification and agility. We partner with companies to design and architect infrastructure (as code) so you can ship reliable software faster and in consistent manners. Here at nClouds, we are a team of integrated architects, engineers, and developers who know how important it is to have this part of the business be cross-functional and firing on all cylinders for maximum productivity. It is our sole responsibility to enthrall you with the results and innovative ideas which is the sole creation of our workforce.

Why We Started

We started nClouds with the mission of helping businesses improve their operations and efficiency.

Our Mission

nClouds’ mission is to help companies innovate faster while providing optimum customer service that builds long-term relationships.

Our Partners

As part of our commitment to providing seamless, best practices solutions to our clients, nClouds partners with leading global suppliers in infrastructure supply, data management, storage and maximization. Through these relationships, we work to ensure our clients receive cutting edge product, support and service.


AWS Advanced Consulting and Managed Service Partner

AWS is the market leader, many would say market creator, in cloud computing services. With more uptime, better service and more physical infrastructure than any other supplier on the market, they were the perfect choice for nClouds who became one of the first Managed Service Provider Partners in Silicon Valley.


Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Partner

nClouds is proud to partner with Microsoft and has been acknowledged as achieving Silver Cloud Competency, the highest ‘non payment’ certification available.


Docker Partner

Docker offers nClouds clients the assurance of continuity in different environments, unparalleled speed and efficiency and the security that comes with being a market leader. Docker wraps up software in a complete filesystem that contains everything it needs to run, this means it will always run the same in any environment.


Treasure Data Partner

Treasure Data is a leading open source data collector, IaaS supplier and the inventor of Fluentd, the world leading open source data collector. nClouds works to assist in the adoption of Fluentd as a vital tool that enable companies to collect data from all their devices in a streamlined and effective fashion.

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