On-Demand Webinar

Migrating from Heroku to AWS On-Demand Webinar

Would you like to improve uptime and flexibility, accelerate innovation, and gain finer-grained control of the cloud environment for security, regions, and cost? In this session, experts from AWS and nClouds will show you how to migrate your infrastructure from Heroku to AWS, and the benefits and success of those migrations.

Special Offer for Viewers: All registered webinar viewers are eligible for a Free Migration Assessment by nClouds.

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  • Heroku to AWS Migration – Learn how to migrate your infrastructure from Heroku to AWS according to the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) Methodology.
  • Client Success Stories – See how nClouds helped companies like Nylas and Lending Home migrate their unstable infrastructure to AWS for a more secure, efficient and scalable environment.
  • Strategies for Heroku to AWS Migration – Why and how should you migrate your workload from Heroku?

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