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Kubernetes on AWS: Observability

Advanced applications on Amazon EKS


Marius Ducea

Marius Ducea

VP, DevOps Practice

Jasmeet Singh

Curtis Rissi

Senior Solutions Architect

Jasmeet Singh

Gagan Goswami

DevOps Engineer


Do you already work with or have an understanding of Kubernetes? Would you like to gain a deeper comprehension of common applications on Amazon EKS? In this session, experts from AWS and nClouds give you a deep dive on observability on Amazon EKS, including best practices for monitoring and logging.

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A partial list of topics include:

  • Observability in Amazon EKS clusters using AWS native tools – Logging with AWS CloudWatch Logs, CloudWatch metrics and Container Insights, tracing with AWS X-Ray.
  • DIY Observability Using Open Source Tools on Amazon EKS – Monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana, and Datadog, and logging with Elasticsearch, Fluent Bit, and Kibana.
  • Datadog Demo – How to use Datadog to monitor Amazon EKS clusters.

Special Offer for Viewers: All registered webinar viewers are eligible for a Free Observability Assessment by nClouds.

Running Time: 50 Minutes

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