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Kubernetes on AWS: GitOps

Creating Kubernetes clusters and the GitOps workflow.


Marius Ducea

Marius Ducea

VP, DevOps Practice

Jasmeet Singh

Curtis Rissi

Senior Solutions Architect

Jasmeet Singh

Shariq Rizvi

DevOps Engineer


Do you need the how-to for developing the GitOps workflow? In this session, experts from AWS and nClouds share what GitOps is and how to use the nClouds nCodeLibrary to create Kubernetes clusters and GitOps workflow, including how to move to the DevOps model. Plus, nClouds will show you how to drive continuous delivery on Kubernetes with GitOps and help you run containers and DevOps on AWS.

Webinar Kubernetes On Aws Gitops Tile

A partial list of topics include:

  • CI/CD on Amazon EKS: Learn how to move to the DevOps model and the philosophy behind it, including automation around Kubernetes.
  • GitOps Using ArgoCD: Get a basic introduction to GitOps and ArgoCD including what changes GitOps brings to the DevOps workflow and how it affects different parts of the organization.
  • nCodeLibrary Demo: nClouds will show you how to create Kubernetes clusters and develop the GitOps workflow using the nCodeLibrary.

Special Offer for Viewers: All registered webinar viewers are eligible for a Free Containers Assessment Offer by nClouds.

Running Time: 60 Minutes

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