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How Uber ATG Reduced AWS Costs 15% in 30 Days

Cost-optimization strategies you can execute now.

The business climate is brutal. You need to reduce cloud infrastructure costs right now but without cratering cloud performance or DevOps momentum. In this session, representatives from Uber, AWS, and nOps share the strategies and automation used to reduce AWS costs by 15% in 30 days. Plus, they cover the essential 20% of cost-optimization strategies that can yield 80% of your low-hanging savings.

webinar aws cost optimization uber

A partial list of topics includes:

  • Review typical services driving the most cost: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon RDS.
  • Eliminating waste, like zombie instances.
  • Over-engineering and not provisioning optimally.
  • Data storage strategies, like moving unused Amazon EFS volumes and S3 to Glacier.
  • Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances, Amazon EC2 Spot instances, and AWS Savings Plans.
  • Using automation provided by nOps cloud management for AWS.
  • And lots more.

This is a content-rich session appropriate for end-users, MSPs, and consulting partners. These roles will benefit most: software engineering or DevOps lead/manager; chief architect; solutions architect; cloud infrastructure or ops lead/manager; cloud practice lead.

Running time: 59:23

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