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How DevOps Teams Use SRE to Innovate Faster with Reliability


mark solomon

Marius Ducea

VP, DevOps Practice

waldo grunenwald

waldo grunenwald

Tech Evangelist

Jasmeet Singh

Gagan Goswami

DevOps Engineer


It’s critical to balance speed to market of new features with application reliability and availability. In this live session, experts from nClouds and Datadog show you how to leverage site reliability engineering (SRE) practices to define and monitor service-level objectives (SLOs) and service-level indicators (SLIs) that will reduce MTTD and MTTR while improving your site experience.

If your DevOps team is stretched to the point of SLA breaches then this session is for you. Learn about tools, techniques, and 24/7 support services that you can leverage right now so your team can focus on innovation.

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  • Create realistic SLOs and SLIs that align with your business.
  • Steps to reduce MTTD and MTTR by 10-40%.
  • Build a culture of observability to minimize failure.
  • Introduce chaos engineering to reduce chaos.
  • Recreate past outages to prevent rollbacks.
  • Test CI/CD pipeline for failures before release.

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All attendees are eligible for a free SRE Assessment from nClouds, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner.

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