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Best Practices for Successful Application Modernization

Business Value, Modernization Activities and Capabilities, Cloud Service Providers

Successful Application Modernization

Modernization has become critical for organizations striving for increased agility through optimization and scaled business processes, but between finding the right practitioners with the skills to build the foundation for a new platform and understanding the myriad of different architectural options, this process is often easier said than done.

Access this free, on-demand webinar today to learn best practices from nClouds solutions architect Faisal Afzal, GM of Techstrong Research Mike Rothman, and AWS NAMER partner GTM leader Maria Armstrong.

Gain valuable insight on

  • ensuring your application modernization project provides substantial business value,
  • how to prioritize modernization activities,
  • the importance of evaluating internal modernization capabilities, and
  • when and why you should use cloud service providers.

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