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AWS Cost Optimization: Reimagine Your AWS Commitment Lifecycle

Industrial-scale machine learning, big data, IOT


Tim Cassell

Tim Cassell

Director, FinOps

John Heuring

John Heuring

Director of Business Operations

Fischer Identity

t’s super simple. You should view this webinar if you want to optimize your AWS costs using AI, automation, no lock-in, and zero risk.

Here’s the reimagined model for managing your AWS cloud costs, that you can start right now:

  • Real savings, potentially up to 45% off your AWS compute On-Demand pricing.
  • Expert, AI-driven, auto-pilot management of AWS commitments (RIs, Savings Plans) that provides confidence in your savings while your teams stay focused on innovation.
  • No AWS services lock-in that might prevent your teams from innovating with new services.
  • Zero risk, so you can start saving now, no matter where you are on your digital transformation journey. Use your savings to fund modernization initiatives!

Contrast this model with what you’re doing today. You have smart DevOps and Finance team members managing your AWS commitment portfolio of RIs and Savings Plans. But it’s complicated, sucks resources, and leads to imperfect estimations about future capacity requirements that can create inflexible options.

  • We’ll show you how our ShareSave Service: Uses AI to maximize savings on your AWS commitments with no lock-in and zero risk. Runs on autopilot once we’ve got it set up. And frees your team to focus on innovation.
  • Plus, we’re thrilled that our client, Fischer Identity, will join us to describe the benefits they’ve achieved with our Cost Optimization Program.

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All attendees are eligible for a free AWS Cost Optimization Assessment from nClouds, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner.

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