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5C’s Series: Faster Innovation with Confidence

5C’s Series: Faster Innovation with Confidence – How CI/CD & Containers Helped Arrayent Go Faster

Join the team from Amazon Web Services, Prodea, nClouds and DevOps.com for this informative webinar.

Arrayent’s journey to IoT innovator began with 3-month delivery cycles and siloed teams. Now they have 10x faster new product delivery and are recognized innovators, acquired by Prodea. Initial challenges included big-bang deliveries with scary deployments, growing infrastructure requirements for multiple data centers, regulations and security — and a lack of confidence in the product delivery process.

5View the webcast now to hear how they achieved impressive results:

  • 10x-plus faster delivery, with reduced defect rate
  • Ability to release as the business demands
  • Internal & client confidence in iterative delivery
  • Blameless culture where collaboration rules
  • Acquired by Prodea for rapid innovation abilities

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