AWS Rapid Migration Offer for SaaS

Streamline Your Migration to AWS for Optimal Performance and Scalability

Estimate your costs upfront!

Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud with AWS and nClouds

AWS has migrated thousands of customers to the cloud, allowing us to leverage their best practices, tooling, and financial incentives to make your cloud adoption easier. With Rapid Migration, you can reap the benefits of AWS sooner, taking advantage of its powerful infrastructure.

Cost-Effective, Fixed Price Solution for Migrations


  • Predictable fixed price based on server count 
  • Eligible for AWS migration incentives, including AWS MAP Assess phase
Efficient, Prescriptive Execution

Efficient, Prescriptive Execution


  • Leverage nCloud’s proven migration framework, which has successfully migrated thousands of workloads to AWS 
  • End-to-end, including assessment (if needed) and single SOW for total servers

Migration and Modernization Experts


  • AWS Premier Tier Services Partner
  • AWS Migration Competency
  • AWS MAP Partner
  • AWS MSP Partner
  • Amazon EKS Delivery Partner

Rapid Migration Steps

  • nClouds will make a plan based on your application architecture and infrastructure.
  • nClouds will set up your AWS environment.
  • nClouds will migrate your data and launch your applications in the cloud.
  • nClouds will test and optimize the application.
  • Finally, nClouds will switch all traffic to AWS before conducting post-migration validation and fine-tuning.
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Migration Is Only the Beginning

We understand that migration is just the first step toward achieving your migration goals. While some workloads can be migrated using a lift-and-shift approach, to truly leverage the full power of AWS, modernization is key.

Our AWS modernization expertise allows us to provide critical guidance throughout the migration process, ensuring that your architecture is cost-effective, scalable, and well architected. We’ll help you identify opportunities for optimization, explore containerization and serverless best practices, and lay the foundation for your future growth and innovation.

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