5C’s Series: Scaling Cloud Infrastructure for Millions of Devices

Industrial-scale machine learning, big data, IOT

5C’s Series: Scaling Cloud Infrastructure for Millions of Devices

The band is back together for the second in the 5C’s webinar series, with Amazon Web Services, nClouds, DevOps.com -- and now joined by client nDimensional, a pioneer for nearly 30 years in machine learning for solving industrial-scale big data and IoT challenges.

5C’s Series: Faster Innovation with Confidence
How do you architect a public cloud solution to handle input from millions of IoT devices, with near-zero latency? nDimensional partnered with AWS and nClouds to deliver a modern infrastructure that includes:

  • Scalable and secure compute capacity with Amazon EC2.
  • Fully managed NoSQL database able to provide consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale with Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Data lake for storing massive amounts of data with Amazon S3.

View the webcast now to hear how they achieved impressive results:

  • Culture changes that yielded improved responsiveness and engineering focus.
  • Faster innovation.
  • Faster scalability.
  • Improved security.

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