Scott Jensen


It’s a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get."

— Arnold Palmer, Professional Golfer

Gagan Goswami

About Scott Jensen

Scott joined nClouds as CRO in May 2022. As chief revenue officer, he is responsible for sales, marketing, and customer service to generate revenue. He was attracted to the success and reputation of nClouds, the growth and opportunity of the cloud space, and CEO Shaun Ritchie’s management style and vision.

He applies learnings from his mother and early entrepreneurial efforts to his career. “I grew up the oldest of four children to a single mother who was also an entrepreneur. She taught me to work hard and be resourceful but also struggled to get her business past 15–20 employees. While in university, I started several companies, including a residential property management company and a furniture company. These taught me the need to learn how businesses can scale.”

Scott takes an analytics-driven approach to sales and marketing and excels at helping companies grow and scale to meet market needs. In his senior leadership roles, he applies best practices in management, operations, and finance to drive revenue growth, improve conversion rates, build go-to-market plans and demand generation pipelines, and reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Scott has a BA degree in business communication from the University of Utah and is a sought-after speaker at industry events such as Dreamforce, Adobe Max, and Adtech. When he’s not growing revenue at nClouds, he enjoys spending time with his children, hiking, skiing, water sports, and traveling.