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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

— Thomas A. Edison, businessman, innovator, creator of the world’s first industrial research laboratory, and inventor of the phonograph, incandescent light bulb and motion picture camera.

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About Sachin Kapoor

Sachin joined nClouds in 2018 because he admired the company’s values and wanted to challenge himself, gain new skills, and learn about DevOps culture.

Sachin embraces continuous learning. His innate curiosity began when, as a child, he wanted to know, “How does it work? Let me check inside.” Before joining nClouds, Sachin took training on the AWS cloud to gain more in-depth knowledge and enhance his skills. He has achieved AWS certifications as an AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solution Architect – Associate, and AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate.

Sachin has a Bachelor’s degree in Technology, Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering from the Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering and Technology.

When he’s not busy supporting nClouds’ clients, he enjoys traveling with friends and family, playing table tennis, watching Netflix, and listening to music.


Blog post by Sachin Kapoor:

How to use Slack Slash Commands to perform actions on Datadog

How to use Slack Slash Commands to perform actions on Datadog
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Slack Slash Commands

Sachin has been a DevOps Engineer at nClouds since 2018. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate.