Oscar Andres Migliazzo

Engagement Manager

Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now

— Mattie Stepanek, American poet

Gagan Goswami

About Oscar Andres Migliazzo

Oscar is formerly a Telecommunications Engineer, Data Networks and UNIX/Linux Specialist. He obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Córdoba.

Oscar has 12 years of experience as a technical leader of the UNIX / Linux team for the largest airline in America. During the process of merging companies, he participated in the largest technology integration process in the history of aviation. He was later promoted to the company’s SME team, developed global technology standards and KPIs and worked as a top-tier consultant. Subsequently, he worked on the product development of a next-generation, data-driven, intelligent automation platform that would enable customers to accelerate their journey to resilient, self-healing IT across their entire IT estate.

Throughout his career Oscar obtained many technical certifications, including AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Red Hat System Administrator, Oracle System Administration, Oracle Network Administrator, Veritas Storage Foundation, ComTIA Network +, and VMware VCP. Considered one of the company’s ‘top talents’, he received a scholarship and completed his studies at business school where he acquired a holistic view of business. He is Product Owner Certified and founded his own software company to be the technology partner and accelerate startups.

“I always say that in this industry, one is ultra-specialized. The business school did the opposite with me – I feel like it de-specialized me. This helped me understand other areas of the company, and I love being able to understand how companies work. I took a special interest in small businesses with potential for exponential growth.”

Oscar worked as a IT project manager for several multinational companies with world-class clients in the transportation, automotive, and financial business verticals.

Oscar also has a great passion for teaching. He is a Project Management and Economics professor at Universidad Blas Pascal, and teaches postgraduate courses at the Aeronautical University Institute. He has authored several books, including Gestión de redes: protocolos y herramientas, Dirección estratégica para StartUps, Configuración de servicios en Linux para empresas (Spanish edition). “To master something you must teach it. The more you teach, the better you will learn. Teaching is a powerful tool to learn, and at the same time help people grow and develop.”

Oscar always introduces himself as “a happy dad.” He comes from an Italian family of bakers, and enjoys making bread for his family. “I grew up in a bakery. From my parents, I have learned the values ​​of humility and hard work and honesty and kindness. I try to be for my children what my parents were for me.” In his free time, he likes to ride mountain bikes, listen to jazz music, play the guitar, cook for his family, and hike in the mountains.