Muhammad Saif Ur Rahman

Support Team Lead

Life will never be fair - it never was. Life will never be what you want it to be — you can dream of your life. Hard moments in your life happen. They always will. They don't have to be negative — they can actually teach you a lot. It is solely on you to decide if you want to learn something from them. You can make your dreams come true by rolling out the limitations in your mind and learning from the experience back in your mind."

Gagan Goswami

About Muhammad Saif Ur Rahman

Saif joined nClouds in 2018. He began working in IT 15 years ago and moved to cloud computing to grow his career. When he heard about the opening at nClouds, he saw it as a way to continue to grow his skills and experience.

Saif has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has several AWS certifications: Solution Architect – Associate, Cloud Practitioner, and SysOps Administrator – Associate.

When he’s not leading support efforts for nClouds’ clients, Saif enjoys traveling, hiking, and watching football. He also gets involved in charity work.


Blog post by Muhammad Saif Ur Rahman:

How to use AWS CloudFormation with nested stacks

Nested stacks are stacks created as part of other stacks. You create a nested stack within another stack by using the AWS::CloudFormation::Stack resource.

AWS CloudFormation Nested Stacks

Saif is a DevOps Support Engineer at nClouds. He has a long list of technical certifications, including AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.