Adam Wardel

Adam Wardel

Chief Legal Officer

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself for who I am, then can I change myself and the world"

— Carl Rogers, psychologist

Adam joined nClouds as Chief Legal Officer in May 2022. “This is the fulfillment of a goal I gave myself three years ago. I believed that I had more to offer than my last job was affording. Ever since that day, I have searched for the next phase of my career that will allow me to grow and positively affect the lives of others. I believe nClouds is that opportunity.”

During his 10-plus years of legal experience, Adam has focused on trying things that take him out of his comfort zone and exploring the world to learn different ideas and ways of thinking. He applies a proactive, forward-thinking approach to his role at nClouds, where he leads legal, compliance, human resources, talent acquisition, training and development, and legal operations for our foreign entities. "The benefit to this type of forward-thinking vision is boundless but sometimes hard to quantify. It increases accountability and provides personal stewardship.”

He teaches his children that they can take their destiny into their own hands. Recently, Adam helped his 6-year-old son feel personally independent and brave by speaking in front of a group of 150 people, alone.

He was named a 2020 In-House Counsel of the Year by Utah Business magazine and has written articles for InView, a community for in-house legal professionals. Adam has a JD degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and a BA degree in Political Science and International Relations from Brigham Young University.

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