Case Study


Marketing analytics and reporting platform provider


Moving from existing physical infrastructure to a cloud based solution

The Client

TapClicks provides a marketing analytics and reporting platform to major businesses around the United States, including USA Today, BMW and Verizon. With more than 100 integrations with various marketing services and a highly adaptable interface that allows clients to tailor what they see, when they see it and how, TapClicks is a genuine market leader.

The Challenge

TapClicks were growing fast and as a direct result needed to transition from their existing physical infrastructure to a cloud based solution with the least possible downtime. They also needed disaster relief protocols implemented in the new system and the opportunity to adapt in line with the needs of clients or new innovations.

The Solution

nClouds conducted a detailed analysis of the existing physical infrastructure, existing and future requirements and what was needed to make the transition as smooth as possible. Timeframes were agreed upon but of vital importance was ongoing testing throughout the process to ensure continuity and no backend issues with the new infrastructure.

A reliable and predictable automation solution was created using Ansible. Monitoring was vital in order to ensure the best possible service and Icinga was chosen and implemented. A disaster recovery solution was formulated and tested.The transition to Amazon Web Solutions was carried out using best practise methodology and resulted in a seamless result. The end result was a cutting edge system that TapClick can adapt as they continue to grow and develop new and innovative solutions for their clients.

The Technology

  • AWS
  • Ansible
  • Icinga

The Benefits

TapClicks is now prepared, not only for immediate but long term growth. The new infrastructure also allows for additional enterprise level clients to join and the disaster recovery system ensures that even a worst case scenario would be able to be handled with minimal impact on the business or clients. In addition, the technology used was selected to offer TapClicks the freedom to adapt in the future as additional innovations or income streams come online.

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