Case Study


SenseHealth is a platform where health professionals can quickly generate health care plans for their patients

The Client

SenseHealth is a platform where health professionals can quickly generate and customize text message based health care plans for their patients. Health providers can use the platform to the track the well-being of their patients and get instant alerts about patients who are not recovering from their support.

The Challenge

SenseHealth wanted to develop a centralized process to manage infrastructure changes, and design an easier process to maintain/restrict access to authorized individuals. They also required new automated pipelines to accommodate workflow and deployments. For security purposes, they required an automated deployment of AlienValut USM software as well as VPN with multi-factor authentication.

The Solution

We leveraged AWS CloudFormation to automate SenseHealth’s infrastructure and used AWS OpsWorks and Chef recipes for configuration management. A utility stack was created to add VPN and other required servers for monitoring and deployments, and Jenkins was used for continuous development and deployment. We completed each task using best practices and procedures, and appropriate change management policies.

The Technology & Methodology

SenseHealth needed to be HIPAA compliant, so we used VPN with multifactor authentication to secure access to the infrastructure and access controls provided by AWS OpsWorks. We used Jenkins as our CI/CD tool to provide faster deployment and testing based on pull requests and leveraged a deployment pipeline across all stages, from testing to QA and production. By doing so, we were able to deliver new software releases quickly and efficiently. We also implemented AWS Auto Scaling on Jenkins slaves to handle multiple deployments and testing scenarios simultaneously.

Technology used included

  • AWS CloudFormation
  • AWS OpsWorks
  • Amazon VPC
  • Chef
  • Jenkins

The Results

SenseHealth now has a modern security management system that accurately scans and audits customer accounts and infrastructure for AWS security and architecture best practices. We also introduced automated testing and regression testing mechanisms to improve the company’s feedback loop and developed a deployment device that leverages infrastructure designs and provides a CI/CD compatible deployment pipeline. We also introduced AWS CloudTrail and – a homegrown next-generation monitoring and reporting tool – to monitor system performance, cost, and security. Icinga was used for system and services monitoring, and integrated with Pagerduty and Slack.

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