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nClouds AWS Case Study | OTTera

nClouds helped OTTera modernize on AWS to improve scalability, achieve fine-grained control of custom application architectures, and accelerate the delivery of new features.
About OTTera

OTTera is a professional white-label service that allows companies to quickly launch highly customized, affordable OTT (over-the-top) services – media services offered directly to viewers via the Internet. Typically, for a company to build a solution from the ground up – something that rivals the functionality and scalability of today’s most popular services – would take several years and millions of dollars. By utilizing OTTera’s services, companies can launch at a fraction of the cost in just weeks. Building on 10 years of professional OTT experience servicing nearly 100 million users, OTTera’s end-to-end solutions are highly adaptable to any form of content. Learn more at

OTTera first engaged nClouds in 2020.
Together, OTTera and nClouds have focused on the ongoing cloud journey rather than a one-and-done event. nClouds activities have evolved from building a production environment on AWS to Managed DevOps services, including managing deployments, to modernization initiatives designed to achieve greater operational efficiency and enable faster innovation.

OTTera’s solution stack also included additional, essential third-party tools: Jenkins, HashiCorp Packer, HashiCorp Terraform.

Digital Media, Software, Video Advertising, Video Streaming
Los Angeles, CA
The Challenge
To improve application scalability and operational excellence, achieve increased control of application architectures, and accelerate delivery of new features
Featured Services

End-customers can scale faster to support more media, and more meetings, with high-quality streams.

Developers build faster with modern, containerized infrastructure.

Fine-grained control of application infrastructure improves scaling, capacity, scheduling, and security.


To improve application scalability and operational excellence, achieve increased control of application architectures, and accelerate delivery of new features.

“We value nClouds’ expertise in helping us build and modernize our IT infrastructure – from migrating workloads to automating deployments. Plus, nClouds’ services relieve our team from the ongoing management of our AWS infrastructure so our engineers are focused on creating innovative new features.”
Craig McEldowney
CTO & Co-Founder, OTTera


nClouds migrated OTTera’s Elastic Beanstalk workloads (API) to AWS Fargate to improve and provide accelerated container management. Fargate is built into Amazon ECS, which automates server management, capacity planning, and isolation of container workloads for security.

Jenkins server was implemented to manage deployments to Amazon ECS. This server is maintained using Groovy scripts and a configuration-as-code (CasC) plugin. The CasC plugin is an opinionated way to configure Jenkins based on human-readable declarative configuration files. The Jenkins server works as a master wherein all jobs are defined and uses Amazon EC2 agents to run jobs that deploy/ build Docker images.

nClouds provided a new production environment to support OTTera’s CMS and API stack, using Terraform to enable provisioning.

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