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nClouds AWS Case Study | One Medical Passport

Seamless Cloud Migration and Ongoing Optimization
About the Client

One Medical Passport’s solutions help ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) with booking, pre-admission, pre- and post-op patient engagement, real-time patient tracking, and more. User-friendly workflows enable healthcare professionals to easily increase efficiencies, lower costs, and enhance the patient experience.

Willington, Connecticut
The Challenge
Migration in one weekend to prevent suspending normal operations or disrupting revenue
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30+% Revenue Increase

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Heightened Data Security

Increased Workload Visibility


Migration in One Weekend to Prevent Suspending Normal Operations or Disrupting Revenue

Eric Akstin, cofounder and CTO of One Medical Passport, understood the benefits of cloud computing. Managed relational databases would scale better than IaaS database platforms, dramatically reducing hardware and database management overhead as the company continued to grow.

But timing the migration was a challenge. Patients and ASCs rely on One Medical Passport daily. Suspending normal operations for days or weeks to facilitate a migration would disrupt life for millions and hurt revenue for One Medical Passport. The migration had to be completed quickly—within one weekend. But to do it internally, Eric would need to hire a network ops team. Hiring and training new bodies to facilitate the move would cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.


Seamless Cloud Migration + Ongoing Optimization

nClouds (formerly Cloudnexa) is among the original AWS Partners—today, it’s an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner. This gave Eric the confidence that nClouds had the industry-leading tools and support to capitalize on the cloud’s capabilities.

nClouds efficiently helped Eric and his team at One Medical Passport migrate and modernize their Windows environment, with the following results:

  • Heightened Data Security – Using Amazon EBS encryption to encrypt data volumes, boot volumes, and snapshots, paired with application load balancers (ALBs) integrated with AWS web application firewalls (WAFs), helps make individual workloads more secure.
  • Centralized Authentication – Leveraging AWS Certificate Manager secures and protects certificate private keys using strong encryption and key management best practices.
  • Streamlined Logins – Integrating with AWS Managed Microsoft AD enables single sign-on (SSO) to RDS for SQL Server for its on-premises AD users via Integrated Windows authentication.
  • Increased Workload Visibility – Leveraging AWS CloudWatch, CloudWatch Logs, SNS, Lambda, VPC Flow Logs, and CloudTrail helps consolidate logging and notifications.
  • Scalable Services – Decoupling DNS and switching to AWS Route 53 for public DNS hosting integrated with AWS Resolver connects user requests to infrastructure, allowing for more scalability.

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