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nClouds AWS Case Study | LYT

How nClouds helped LYT modernize its AWS infrastructure for faster time to market for new features, enhanced security, and improved application performance.
About LYT

Founded in 2016, LYT builds mobility solutions designed to connect vehicle travel information to traffic signal infrastructure. Its fully connected smart cities traffic management platform tracks vehicle and traffic light data to dynamically update traffic light behavior to improve transit, emergency vehicles, and traffic. LYT has helped communities achieve 20% shorter travel times, 12% reduction in emissions, and 14% fuel savings. To learn more, visit the LYT website.

Wireless Communications Equipment, Communication Software
San Jose, CA
The Challenge
Modernize infrastructure, automate software development and operations, and enhance security.
Featured Services

Faster time to market for new features

Improved application performance, resilience, and scalability

Enhanced security


Modernize infrastructure, automate software development and operations, and enhance security.

Because of the nature of LYT’s software and its necessary safety precautions, LYT required a modern infrastructure that facilitated communication and collaboration between product management, software development, and operations, with security enhancements for real-time alerts.

“I was impressed with nClouds’ DevOps expertise and the application modernization solution they designed and implemented to enhance LYT’s security, high availability, and fault tolerance.”


nClouds' Solution Architecture for LYT

nClouds migrated LYT to an Amazon ECS-based deployment platform, built out the production environment, and performed the application cutover during the migration implementation phase.

Existing applications were containerized and migrated to Amazon ECS. CI/CD pipelines were implemented in Jenkins for all services to build Docker images and push the images to Amazon ECR. Applications are deployed every time a change is made and pushed in the Atlassian Bitbucket repository. Jenkins configurations and project dependencies are installed through the Dockerfile. Monitoring and alerts are provided by Datadog, with a dashboard where LYT can check the metrics for each application. An ELK stack performs log aggregation.

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