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How nClouds helps Jasper Card use AWS consolidated billing to analyze their AWS costs and enhance cost optimization.

About Jasper Card

Jasper Card, founded in 2015, is a fintech credit card company that offers a premium, US-based credit card issued by WebBank. Jasper Card initially targeted working professionals who were new to the U.S. and lacked a credit history, but they broadened their focus in mid-2020 to young professionals with no credit history. As Jasper continued to grow, the card now requires a traditional credit inquiry. Currently, the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® does not charge an annual fee, provides an intuitive app to manage spending, and offers up to 6% cash back by successfully referring friends. For more information, go to:


Banking, Credit Cards, Financial Services, Fintech


New York, NY


Unify billing structure across multiple accounts while maximizing cost savings.

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Benefits Summary


Volume pricing discounts & single bill simplicity with AWS consolidated billing


Improved visibility into AWS costs

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nClouds has been there for us as we’ve grown, helping us get and stay well-architected. And now they’re enabling us to clearly see and optimize our AWS costs with AWS consolidated billing to help fuel our future growth.”
Tali Shahaf

VP R&D, Jasper Card



Unify billing structure across multiple accounts while maximizing cost savings.

Why AWS and nClouds

Cost optimization is an ever-present company concern, but cost optimization is a particular focus for a startup with a fast-paced growth profile. nClouds offered Jasper Card a new way to optimize costs with AWS consolidated billing for AWS Organizations, providing them with broad-spectrum savings across all their AWS accounts.

Jasper Card had enjoyed a two-year ongoing relationship with nClouds. In 2019, an AWS representative recommended nClouds to Jasper Card (then known as CreditStacks). nClouds subsequently performed an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) of the company’s compute workload. Based on the WAFR, nClouds provided the company with a detailed report. After studying nClouds’ recommendations, Jasper Card asked nClouds to help modernize their AWS infrastructure.

AWS Partner

nClouds enhanced Jasper Card’s operational efficiency and reliability by aligning their infrastructure with AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices. nClouds migrated Jasper Card from Amazon EC2-based services to AWS Lambda, implemented AWS AppSync and Amazon Cognito, and integrated a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. In 2020, Jasper Card asked nClouds to provide Managed DevOps Services to develop and maintain its AWS infrastructure, empowering the Jasper Card team to focus on innovation.

Jasper Card leverages Amazon Web Services:

  • AWS Organizations - Provides policy-based management for multiple AWS accounts.
  • Consolidated billing for AWS Organizations - A feature in AWS Organizations that enables Jasper Card to consolidate billing and payment for multiple AWS accounts. nClouds provides the consolidated bill to Jasper Card.

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The Benefits

Teaming with nClouds, Jasper Card now has enhanced cost optimization. The project has yielded numerous benefits:


Volume pricing discounts & single bill simplicity with AWS consolidated billing

As a free service, the AWS consolidated billing feature of AWS Organizations gives Jasper Card a single bill with easy tracking across multiple accounts, and the ability to combine their usage across all accounts to gain volume pricing discounts.


Improved visibility into AWS costs

Along with only having to deal with a single bill, Jasper Card now can track the charges across multiple accounts and download the combined cost and usage data.

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