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How nClouds helped IHSS Connect gain insight into AWS costs and generate savings to support business growth of its at-home caregiver marketplace.

About IHSS Connect

Founded in 2020, IHSS Connect is a peer-to-peer marketplace that serves every city and county within California. It offers an expertly designed platform that connects California’s In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) and Waiver Personal Care Services (WPCS) plus respite and other care providers with recipients of all ages requiring in-home care. IHSS’s new state-of-the-art website features private chat, enhanced provider searches, an advanced caregiver job center, and the secured ability to send certificates and documents. To learn more, go to:




Northridge, CA


Gain insight into AWS costs and generate savings to support business growth of its at-home caregiver marketplace.

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Benefits Summary


Continuous cost optimization


Support future business growth

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I co-founded IHSS Connect to help providers and recipients connect for in-home care throughout California. With nClouds’ help, we have greater insight into our AWS costs to drive savings and support our future growth."
Eric Weingrad

Co-Founder, IHSS Connect



Gain insight into AWS costs and generate savings to support business growth of its at-home caregiver marketplace.

IHSS Connect wanted greater insight into its AWS environment and costs and to generate savings to support future business growth.

Why AWS and nClouds

Because of nClouds’ reputation, strong alliance with AWS, and AWS Premier Consulting Partner status, an AWS representative introduced nClouds to IHSS Connect. nClouds met with IHSS Connect’s development and management teams to discuss how the company could gain insight into its AWS costs and the security of its environment. nClouds performed an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) using the nOps cloud management tool to reveal high-risk issues (HRIs) in IHSS Connect’s environment and opportunities for cost savings. Based on the findings of the WAFR, IHSS Connect and nClouds began to have deeper discussions about its AWS infrastructure.

AWS Partner

nClouds’ Solution for IHSS Connect

During the WAFR, nClouds had the IHSS Connect team link its AWS account to the nOps tool. As soon as the data started to populate, IHSS Connect’s management immediately inquired about the compliance of its AWS environment with AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices, which led to a broader discussion.

Based on their experience with the nOps tool during the WAFR, the IHSS Connect team decided it was the cloud governance tool they were seeking. nClouds recommended that IHSS Connect use AWS Consolidated Billing and nClouds’ ShareSave Service cost optimization program to drive cost savings. IHSS Connect was impressed that they got access to the nOps tool included with their subscription to ShareSave Service by nClouds.

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The Benefits

The project has yielded numerous benefits:


Continuous cost optimization

AWS Consolidated Billing provides IHSS with one AWS bill for multiple accounts. It enables IHSS Connect to easily track charges across multiple accounts and combine the usage across all accounts in the organization to share volume pricing discounts, Reserved Instances discounts, and Savings Plans. It provides detailed cost reports for each AWS account associated with a paying account. By combining accounts, IHSS Connect may realize lower costs than individual standalone accounts.

ShareSave Service by nClouds is a risk-free, expert, AI-driven service that provides auto-pilot management of AWS commitments. ShareSave oversees IHSS Connect’s AWS accounts and continuously monitors and analyzes infrastructure usage data points. It automatically reacts in real time by purchasing Reserved Instances (RIs) and/or Savings Plans (SPs) upon an increase in compute usage and selling RIs and/or SPs upon a decrease in compute usage.

nOps provides continuous insights on IHSS Connect’s AWS infrastructure health for cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence so that the company is alerted and can make any necessary remediations.


Support future business growth

nOps tracks infrastructure costs by project, AWS account, resource, and employee, providing detailed insights for financial transparency. It provides month-to-month infrastructure cost comparisons so that IHSS Connect can do budget planning to support its business growth.

ShareSave supports IHSS Connect’s business growth in two ways:

  • Freedom to innovate using new or other AWS services. ShareSave eliminates lock-in and provides IHSS Connect with the agility to pivot mid-step and engage other AWS services they don't currently have a commitment to, while still saving money.
  • Engineering and finance teams can focus on the business instead of tracking savings commitments. ShareSave frees up IHSS Connect’s engineering and finance team members to focus on innovation rather than having to make AWS spend a core competency.

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