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Virtual events and webinars


6Connex required full infrastructure design and implementation.

I cannot say enough about the nClouds team. Their work and efforts are tremendous and they take great care of our environment. In nClouds, we found the next level of innovation, experience and ability to adopt new technologies.

- Marc Goodell, VP, Environments and Infrastructure

The Client

6Connex supplies virtual locations for webinars, presentations, sales fairs, employee training and more. With clients like Dell and Sears they’ve forged a unique and highly valuable offering for organisations that have locations around the world.

The Challenge

6Connex required full infrastructure design and implementation. Due to the nature of their business, there could be no downtime as their key promise to their clients is based on reliability and quality of service. As they supply virtual locations for large online events, such as trade shows and product launches, 6Connex also required flexibility and the ability to scale up and down as required in order to maximise profitability.

The Solution

nClouds, in collaboration with 6Connex senior management and technical teams, formulated a detailed plan including a demanding wish list from a very client centric business. The nClouds team made the commitment to maintain online service to clients throughout the implementation. To ensure continuous delivery, the implementation was broken up into stages and a deployment pipeline created using Jenkins and Chef. This also allowed for robust testing and ensured the long term effectiveness of the solution.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Formation was used as a provisioning and management tool to ensure predictability and continuity. The end result was a highly adaptable, scalable and effective infrastructure that 6Connex could stake their reputation on. As a result, 6Connex could adapt based on requirement and reduce cost in line with usage. nClouds also supplies 24/7 365 day support to 6Connex and provides ongoing management and guidance as the business continues to grow.

The Technology

  • AWS Cloud formation
  • Jenkins
  • Chef

The Benefits

6Connex pride themselves on their customer service and they wanted an infrastructure that would support this. They also wanted to be effective from a costing perspective and able to scale based on requirement - allowing them to scale up for a large event without any major changes or significant temporary changes. nClouds created a solution that did all this and more, along with a new partnership that ensures the system is future-proof and well managed.

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